LTS Secure and InventOnUs Tech, Pune collaborate to serve Western Maharashtra by building advanced SOAR based SOC


  We are delighted to announce our partnership with InventOnUs Tech, based in Pune, India; with the collaboration we aim to provide cyber security consultation and serve the Indian market...[ read more ]

LTS Secure and Integrated Tech9 Labs Private Limited, Delhi collaborate to serve Northern India by building advanced SOAR based SOC


  We are delighted to announce our partnership with Integrated Tech9 Labs Private Limited, based in Delhi-NCR; with the collaboration we aim to provide cyber security consultation and serve the...[ read more ]

LTS Secure and Gemraj Technologies, UK collaborate to serve Europe region by building advanced SOAR based SOC


  We are delighted to announce our partnership with Gemraj Technologies Limited, based in Essex, UK; with the collaboration we aim to provide cyber security consultation and serve European market...[ read more ]

Establishing Access Management for Finance Industry: LTS Secure VSOC Box


  Establishing controls around privileged access continues to be a focus of attention for organizations and auditors. With hacking and cyber-attacks at peak, companies need to be vigilant at every...[ read more ]

Cyber Risk Quantification: LTS Secure VSOC Box for Insurance Sector


  Our Client, an established and profitable chain of companies in insurance sector serving about 1.5Million customers and managing assets in millions of dollars. With their parent company, our client...[ read more ]

LTS Secure “VSOC” Box 5.0: Empowering the Gen Z cyber security


  Pune: 31/03/2020 Though times needs though soldiers, we are very proud of our development & testing team who finished LTS Secure VSOC Box 5.0 release battling all difficulties and...[ read more ]

Implementation of LTS Secure VSOC Box 4.0 based for India based Housing Finance Group of Companies in Finance Industry


Our client is a housing finance company registered with the Government of India owned entity and is being promoted by a private limited company having its flagship for more than...[ read more ]

Implementation of LTS Secure VSOC Box 4.0 for USA based Revenue Cycle Management Company in Healthcare Industry !


Our client is an analytics-driven, technology-enabled Revenue Cycle Management (“RCM”) Company in the Healthcare Sector providing medical billing, medical coding, and business analytics services to leading healthcare providers across the...[ read more ]

LTS Secure CCO RinTchen Kang Will Be Speaking At The ISACA Chennai Conference 2019 (ICC 2019)


LTS Secure is proud to announce that our CCO RinTchen Kang will be speaking at the ISACA Chennai Conference 2019 (ICC 2019) on 14 September 2019. The theme of the Conference is “Everything Digital-...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Is Exhibiting In “India Singapore: The Next Phase, A Business And Innovation Summit” To Expand Its Services In ASEAN Region


LTS Secure is proud to announce that our Virtual SOC Box has been selected by the High Commission of India under innovative startups and cybersecurity in Singapore for the Region’s...[ read more ]

Avoiding The Hook – Phishing Attacks Into O365


Microsoft Office 365 which is a Collaboration platform has driven the organizations with productivity applications necessary to get work done in the modern enterprise. In fact, because of Office 365’s...[ read more ]

Access Recertification With LTS Secure Cyber Security Risk Assessment Tool


The laws of cybersecurity in the Information Technology Industry have had its share of dealings with compliance standards and legislation. Some of them have very broad applicability, while others are very...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Updated Version 4.0 Is Better Than Ever. Why?


Pune: 26/06/2019 LTS Secure has released Version 4.0 of the LTS Secure Integrated Solution. The flow of capital, technologies, and skills in the field of security, including the cybersecurity, attracts...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Releases Orchestration Module For Patch Management


Pune: 17/06/2019 LTS Secure has augmented its patch management orchestration by releasing the IBM BigFix Plugin. BigFix allows us to continuously monitor each endpoint for the potential threats and enforce...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Has Aggressive Plans For Increasing Partners


LTS Secure is mapping defensive hub for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response: Wisdom by Satyen Jain, Director, LTS Secure. Pune: 7 June 2019 LTS Secure is an Integrated Security Platform...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Launches Free Tool For Cyber Risk Assessment – Prevention In Hand For Organizations


Pune: 27/05/2019 Information is a significant component of most organizations’ competitive strategy either by the direct collection, management, and interpretation of business information or the retention of information for day-to-day...[ read more ]

TrickBot Submerges Over As Top Business & Banking Threat: LTS Secure Warning And Prevention


Pune – 8/5/2019 Almost all the Individuals are aware of how dangerous a threat Emotet can be to Business and banking world, but now there are new elements highly sophisticated...[ read more ]

UEBA: User and Entity Behavior Analytics


In the world of cybersecurity, security teams are trending away from using prevention-only approaches, according to a 2018 Gartner report called Market Guide for User and Entity Behavior Analytics. As security teams...[ read more ]

New TajMahal APT Framework Includes 80 Malicious Modules And Enables Espionage: Overview by LTS Secure


Pune – May 2, 2019 ‘Taj Mahal’ is a technically sophisticated APT framework which was discovered by Kaspersky Lab in 2018. This full-blown spying framework consists of two packages named...[ read more ]

RYUK Ransomware “Still Strong But Not For Long” – LTS Secure Warning And Prevention


Pune – April 30, 2019 Ransomware is not only about weaponizing encryption, its more about bridging the fractures in the mind with a weaponized message that demands a response from...[ read more ]

Ever-Changing Emotet Evolves Again With Fresh Evasion Tactic : LTS Secure Warns About This Threat


Pune – April 29, 2019 While the idea that manifests the rise of threat is somewhat extreme, there is no disagreement that it is happening across the world. Such is...[ read more ]

Industrial Control System (ICS) In Eyes In The Middle East: LTS Secure Warns About Triton Malware


Pune – April 26, 2019 Digital freedom conspired of threats stops where that of manual users begins. Nowadays, digital evolution must no longer be a customer trade-off between privacy and...[ read more ]

Access Governance: The Future Of Identity Management leaping Towards Security Governance


When any organization migrates the data to the cloud, they face multiple disputes in managing and maintaining governance policies for access. It’s a challenge that every organization faces and to...[ read more ]

What Features Are Needed To Be A Modern NG-SIEM


Because legacy SIEMs create a very high signal-to-noise ratio, they’ve become relegated to satisfying compliance requirements and not much else. Here are the features needed in a next-gen SIEM solution—combining...[ read more ]

LTS Secure: Expanding Territory Through Outreaching Solutions


Pune, April 3rd and 4th, 2019 – LTS Secure News Optimistic and collaborated training with LTS Secure goes hands in hand to set the milestone of two days level L3...[ read more ]

Access Governance | Augment Your Security Features with LTS Secure Integrated Solutions


India, March 1, 2019 – LTS Secure pleased to announce, LTS Secure have integrated new security solution that will allow you to discover, evaluate and classify sensitive data and manage...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Co-Hosted CIO/CSIO Event With FutureCalls To Discuss – How Integrated Cyber Security Framework Helps To Address Their Challenges


LTS Secure along with Future Calls used the platform to discuss Cyber Security challenges faced by client and disseminated partnership details about LTS Secure and Future Calls with regional clients....[ read more ]

LTS Secure Is An Exhibitor At Tie Global Summit III


LTS secure exhibited the security solution at Tie Global Summit III.  Highlighted security requisites and why every startup required integral security measures. India, Delhi – 29 Nov 2018 – LTS...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Expands The Cyber Security Cover To Middle East Region By an Alliance With Paramount Computer Systems To Build Next Gen SOC


Dubai – September,17, 2018 – LTS secure is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Paramount Computer Systems, a cyber-security company from middle-east. The new tie-up will extend a top...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Strengthens The Cyber Security Of Health Care Industry


India, – September, 17, 2018 – LTS secure, a fastest growing cyber security brand announced an acquisition of a new customer in Health care sector. The leading health service provider...[ read more ]

LTS Secure 3.5 Advanced & Robust Security Solution


LTS Secure releases latest version 3.5 for automatic threats detection and management. Los Angeles – August 27, 2018 – LTS Secure, a growing cyber security organization, provides integrated cybersecurity solutions...[ read more ]

ISACA –Delhi chapter


LTS Secure director Satyen Jain spoke on 2020 Cyber Security Framework: Orchestration and Prioritization. Delhi – LTS Secure, the provider of the adaptive SOC platform for cyber security. During the...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Integrated SOC Plaform for GDPR


In order to comply with GDPR, enterprises will need to implement a number of security and privacy measures and controls, which needs to be integrated Security Framework. LTS Secure SOC...[ read more ]

Enterprise Security effectiveness hampered by volume of Alert Fatigue!


Modernization of the IT infrastructure for the optimization of the business comes with a security concern. In any organization, the various IT infrastructure security solutions and preventive measures are used...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Intelligence Driven SOC for Orbis Financial


  Overcoming compliance burdens while maximizing 24/7 security From investment management to custodial holdings, Orbis Financial is directly responsible for the safety of assets and securities worth hundreds of millions...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Exhibited integrated security solution 3.1


LTS secure is the intelligence driven security operation center platform and one of the organizers of the Tie Global Summit || 2018. Once in the year, the event is organized...[ read more ]

LTS Secure launch version 3.1 to enhance cyber security offering to protect the cloud infrastructure and application


Chicago, USA – LTS Secure launches Security Solution version 3.1 the integrated cyber security product. The product is launched to extend the integrated SOAR stack with LTS Secure Security Solution...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Cloud Access Security Broker : A key to Cloud Security


Cloud Access Security Broker has proven itself to be indispensible for cloud security. These days, nearly every organization has fully integrated the cloud in its day-to-day operations. This has led...[ read more ]

Privileged Identity Management protects user accounts via PIM Solutions


Sometimes, unscrupulous people steal the log in credentials of the employees of an organization in order to hack into the servers and steal the data. Compromised identities of employees are...[ read more ]

Raise your CLOUD Security above the bar with Security Operations, analytics and reporting SOAR Stack


Cloud computing is the buzz word in all the technology driven businesses. Internet has made the world smaller and taken it to new heights, literally to the cloud. Today businesses...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Listed Among Top 10 Pitched Products At Nasscom Product Conclave 2016


Pune, INDIA – Mar 17, 2016: As promised, LTS Secure did display its power and efficiency at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016. Not only LTS Secure proved itself as a useful...[ read more ]

LTS Secure strengthening Cyber Security with SOAR – an Advanced Technology Stack for your organization


Mumbai, August 18, 2017: Cyber-attack is the most malicious strike for any company. Internet of Things has added to the complexity and every sector is under threat from the culture...[ read more ]

Detect and Disrupt Cyber Attacks Using Identity-Powered Intelligent Security


With activity logs, application usage data and company documents, information is a valuable commodity of any corporate organization that needs to be protected. Digital data needs to be protected and...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Cloud Access Security Broker Releases Version 2.0


Pune, India – May 12, 2016: LTS Secure Cloud Access Security Broker is proudly ready with better cyber space security, along with bigger worries for cyber criminals. Raising the stakes,...[ read more ]

User Activity Visibility: The Weak Link for Enterprise Compliance and Security


Today’s compliance places strict limitations on the types of people who can access sensitive financial and corporate data. Unfortunately, many compliant organizations have little or no insight into who these...[ read more ]

Why IDaaS & CASB are needed together to nullify cyber threats?


The basic rule of protecting data is authorizing access to data only to selected staff members of an organization who are working on that data. This is done to ensure...[ read more ]

LTS Secure Adaptive Access & Identity Management White Paper


To secure their data, any enterprise needs to implement the conditional access to all applications so that every data can be accessed by person who authorized to access it. This...[ read more ]
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