Ever-Changing Emotet Evolves Again With Fresh Evasion Tactic : LTS Secure Warns About This Threat

Pune – April 29, 2019

While the idea that manifests the rise of threat is somewhat extreme, there is no disagreement that it is happening across the world. Such is one of the Threats which was first identified in 2014 and is continuing to infect multiple systems and cause harm to the users to date. Emotet has eluded cybersecurity for users which is a concern for the infosec community who are disseminating knowledge about it.

In the contemporary world where we live are in unison, the biased media contributes to a culture of fear, a mysterious mistress; the cybersecurity is, in reality, more spoken about than understood. The first version of the Emotet was developed to steal the personal bank account details by intercepting internet traffic. While the progress to cause potential harm continued, another version of the Emotet, named as Emotet Version Two dropped in as a malware. It consisted of several modules which included a money transfer system, mail-spam module, and a banking module which was needed to mainly target Austrian and German Banks.

With the passage of time, the versions continued to upgrade and moving on to the preceeding year of 2018, the foremost version of Emotet includes the ability to install other malware to the already infected system of the users. The malware is also bundled with banking Trojans or mail-spam delivery services.

With problems, come remedies but at what cost is the major question. Are the organizations well aware of all the possible remedies that they can practice to minimize the theft? An organization should keep their computer/endpoints system up-to-date with the latest patches and should also never attempt to download any suspicious attachments or click on any suspicious-looking link.

SIEM is playing a vital role in protecting IT infrastructure. But traditional SIEM solutions don’t have the flexibility to align with newer threats and meet the security needs. In order to catch and nip the breaches in the bud, LTS Secure Next Gen SIEM is a must-have tool in your armory of CSC, which is capable of detecting susceptible events and raise Alarms thus enabling you to prevent the breach.

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