LTS Secure Updated Version 4.0 Is Better Than Ever. Why?

Pune: 26/06/2019

LTS Secure has released Version 4.0 of the LTS Secure Integrated Solution. The flow of capital, technologies, and skills in the field of security, including the cybersecurity, attracts “white” and “black” players – “Lords of Order” and “Lords of Chaos.” Multiplied by wild ambitions of the world’s cyber superpowers, here we are, standing in front of the Apocalypses at its best with a better version than before.

Overall Risk Meter: New Feature

It is believed that “Risk = Likelihood + Impact”. LTS Secure has added a new tab under the dashboard “Risk Meter” in its new version.

By following the approach here, it is possible to estimate the severity of the risks to the business and make an informed decision about what to do about those risks. The Risk Meter will highlight the segments as ‘Max’, ‘Avg’, and ‘Min’ alarm risk under the widgets ‘Alarm Risk Max’, ‘Alarm Risk Avg’, and ‘Alarm Risk Min’ respectively. Having a system in place for rating risks will save time and eliminate arguing about priorities. This system will help to ensure that the business doesn’t get distracted by minor risks while ignoring more serious risks that are less well understood.

Nexpose Vulnerability Scan: New Feature

To prevent security breaches, it is important to identify and remediate vulnerabilities that can expose an asset to an attack. LTS Secure integrates with Nexpose to provide a vulnerability assessment and validation tool that helps you monitor false positives, verify vulnerabilities, and test remediation measures. It identifies and attempts to find vulnerabilities that may exist based on the attributes of the known services and applications, it discloses the results in a scan report, which assists you to prioritize vulnerabilities based on the risk factor. LTS Secure imports the Vulnerability report submitted from the client’s end to generate asset and reports actual standings to monitor alarms for further decision.

Auto Backup: New Feature

Information and cyber security are two major aspects of one platform. Proven and reliable strategies for backup and restore need to be in place, and is an essential component in information security and crisis preparedness.

LTS Secure has enhanced the feature of Auto Backup in Remote Server which would be performed on SIEM. This feature of LTS Secure has two modes for Backup, Manual and Auto wherein Auto Back Up can be scheduled Daily, Weekly, Monthly as well as Yearly and in Manual upon convenience.

We discovered in our research that insider threats are not viewed as seriously as external threats, like a cyber-attack. But when organizations had an insider threat, in general, they were much more costly than external incidents.

Alarms Orchestration & Prioritization based on Asset & User Context

As per the criticality of the alarms we receive, prioritization in the alarm management based on the assets and user context are achieved. We orchestrate the false positive alarms arising and reduce the noise.

O365 Advance Threat Detection use cases

LTS Secure has enhanced the O365 Advance Threat Detection use cases which includes Spam emails detection based on IP and subject line, with the assistance of Geo-location login activities we can detect malicious activity if a mail is sent or received from any suspicious domain. The updated version also has the capability to detect Trojan files in Emails attachment and One Drive along with the tracking of the anonymous file access on the same.

To competently perform rectifying security service, two critical incident response elements are necessary: information and organization and LTS Secure have been one trusted the most.

About LTS Secure:

LTS Secure is an Integrated Security Platform (SIEM + UEBA + CASB + IDM) that enables continuous monitoring & detection of Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risk of IT Network, Applications and by Users in a single pane based on Security Orchestration, Automation and Response.


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