Managed Security Services Provider Program

MSSP Program is tailored to meet the needs of partners like you who want to provide Security offerings to their clients. The program gives you a framework for pricing models, simple reporting, licenses, on-boarding resellers, and optimized partner support to help you extend business growth and the value you offer your customers.

Ideal MSSP’s include:

  • Pure-play managed security service providers looking to incorporate world-class solutions.
  • Hosting organizations/NOC providers that want to embed security into existing offerings or extend security services to existing clients.
  • Partners expanding from products selling to value-added service delivery.
MSSP Benefits MSSP Requirements Training
MSSP-friendly buying and pricing options Opportunity Logging Become a trusted partner to customers by completing MSSP pre sales & Technical L1/L2 trainings:
No Upfront License Purchase Enrollment into the LTS Secure MSSP Program.
  • LTS Secure SIEM
Flexible Business Models Set-up SOC for onboarding clients & resellers
  • LTS Secure IDAM / PIM
Monitor and manage multiple customer environments Train L1 & L2 team
  • LTS Secure CASB
Efficient support product and pre-sales Have minimum 1 pre-sales resource
  • LTS Secure UEBA
Strong Portfolio of Market-leading solutions like SIEM, CASB, IDAM, PIM, UEBA 2 dedicated sales resources
Reseller on-boarded to their SOC Ownership and management of the technology license from LTS Secure
Co-Branded Events Provides an End-User SLA
Orchestration, prioritization, log enrichment make response quicker, reduce manual efforts Provide technical support.
Set-up & training for L1/L2 LTS Secure certifications completed by resources – pre-sales & technical
Exclusive Partnership for a defined region
Sell Security Services in a modular format



The LTS Secure MSSP program provides partners with value-added benefits when it comes to LTS Secure SOC stack with specialized product pricing, licensing, and opportunity logging.

  • Pricing: LTS Secure through this program supports flexible business models designed to support partner cash flow.
  • Volume Banding

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