Access Recertification With LTS Secure Cyber Security Risk Assessment Tool

The laws of cybersecurity in the Information Technology Industry have had its share of dealings with compliance standards and legislation. Some of them have very broad applicability, while others are very narrow, there are mandated and optional ones; technical and managerial; guideline and prescription which enforce themselves on applicability.

All organizations use commercial applications to manage sales, operations, generate financial statements, manage vendors, partners, agents to name among the functions carried out using Information technology tool. For each function, there are a number of Individuals who use the IT systems to ensure the smooth functioning of the business processes. To achieve the same, all of these Individuals are provided different access to applications with different levels of privilege.

Access Recertification is a constant procedure which encompasses auditing of user access privileges to regulate the access rights validity. The importance of such regulation is to prevent Data security breaches in any organization. As organizations keep employing Individuals to perform different business tasks, New individuals have access to the systems across the IT landscape of the organization. The accessibility invites inevitable stage when these employees leave the role and are not authorized to systems anymore yet their accesses are not revoked. Under such a circumstance, it gets extremely difficult to put controls in place for avoiding an intentional or unintentional data breach.

The access privileges of developers and other IT employees can be bestowed the most risk rating in an organization as they have access to the most valuable assets of an organization. The risks emanating from unaccounted access leads to a situation where it could get almost impossible to identify the perpetrator of data misuse. The misuse could be any unwanted situations which can cause a big dent to the organizations’ financial or reputational damage.

The unauthorized access to data could assist cyber hackers to move to more sophisticated agendas such as espionage, disinformation, market manipulation and disruption of infrastructure, on top of previous threats such as data theft, extortion, and vandalism. Being able to mitigate these threats requires businesses to not only think of cybersecurity as a risk but to act on this too.

In order to minimize the access-related risk posture of the company, a best access review process should review the current employees and leavers of the organization along with the role-based / privilege-based review of the valuable IT assets such as applications, various Databases, etc. LTS Secure has launched a free tool to measure the Cyber Security Assessment of an Organization by just filling up the requisite details and generating the report of a risk factor at the end of the whole process. It would not only assist the organization to take the certain valid step but would also justify the literary statement “Prevention is Better than Cure” too.

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