UEBA Cyber Security Provider

UEBA (User & Entity Behavior Analytics) is the most promising solution to fight against cyber threats and fraud as it allows us to get ahead of the attackers by detecting risks and restrict them. Cloud app security to office 365 can defend your cloud application. It can monitor and manage security across. 

UEBA cyber security provider successfully detects malicious and abusive activity that otherwise goes unnoticed, and effectively consolidates and prioritizes security alerts sent from other systems. Organizations need to develop or acquire statistical analysis and machine learning capabilities to incorporate into their security monitoring platforms or services. Rule-based detection technology alone is unable to keep pace with the increasingly complex demands of threat and breach detection.

PAE uses UEBA to provide insights on cyber security and analytics. Our solution analyses volumes of data to establish a baseline of normal user and system behavior, and flag suspicious behavior anomalies. The result is a sophisticated artificial intelligence platform that detects insider and cyber threats in real time.

Use Cases

a. Top suspicious email IP’s

 Knowledge of the top IP’s from where the suspicious emails are routed is crucial to the organization. This report will provide list of IP address from where suspicious email have come. These IP’s can be blocked so no further users will be subject to these mails.

b. Top Suspicious Users

This would show the top suspicious user accounts from where suspicious mail activities is happening. Organization can have better watch on such mail accounts and can be blocked, so no such activities will happen in future from those accounts. The report can show all such events and will give detailed insight on such events and we can alter the rules to enhance the security.

c. Activities bifurcation by role:

Administrator creates lot of rules on need basis and forgets to remove them if not required. After a certain period of time, we will be having a huge set of rules in firewall which may not be even executing for a long period time. This report would help to find such rules which can be removed from the system and can help the administrator to manage the system more efficiently.