SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)


Enable detection, prevention
and remediation of advanced threats.


Empower your SOC team with analytics-driven SIEM built-in for modern hybrid enterprises.

LTS Secure SIEM is a cloud-native security operations center (SOC) solution that automatically analyzes and correlates threat alert data to help SOC analysts more efficiently discover and resolve meaningful threats.

Why LTS Secure Next-Gen SIEM?

Log Collection &

Detect any Complex Security Threat 3m 47s


Fast & Effective
Data Protection


Delivering SOC analytics and automation to your hybrid and multi-cloud architectures

LTS Secures Next-Gen SIEM key features

LTS Secure SIEM helps organization in benefits such as reducing MTTD, MTTI, & MTTR leading to overall comprehensive visibility for improved ROI.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

Risk Scoring

Compliance Reporting

Advance Threat Intelligence

ML and AI based Alarm Analytics

LTS Secures Next-Gen SIEM enables SOC team with

LTS Secures Next-Gen SIEM is capable of offering an effective and efficient means to monitor your network round the clock.

Log & Data Collection

SIEM ingests logs real-time from an array of sources including servers, security devices, applications, operating systems, etc. and maps valuable information helping manage and control the entire security network through rich insights aiming to maintain a healthy and secure environment.

Threat Intelligence & Log Correlation

Manage and utilize uninterpretable logs generated from various systems and sources with SIEM log correlation. Sift and cipher raw data to better understand the network and correlate it threat intelligence feed and malicious activity within the network.

Notifications & Real time Alerts

Set up triggered events based on specific data points through logs and correlation phases. On encountering threats, SIEM sends real time alerts for detailed investigation and remediation decreasing Mean-Time-to-Detect (MTTD) and Mean-Time-to-Respond (MTTR).

Analytics & AI

Improve alert prioritization with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze large amounts of log data to detect and identify indicators of compromise, and prevent threats and malicious attacks to the network.


Collect and distribute information like MTTD and MTTR, account activity, suspicious users, terminated accounts etc., in a meaningful way depicting trends and patterns in easily downloadable formats to simplify and support security related decisions and organizational goals.

LTS Secure SIEM Benefits

Empowering organizations with LTS Secure NXT-GEN SIEM with XDR & UEBA benefits with Flexible Integration to Augment your Security Stack

Understanding Threats

Monitor logs efficiently and report suspicious events from humongous amount of data generated and collected from various business processes.

Correlate Data

Collect, normalize and analyze logs and ingest threat intelligence feeds directly to understand real indicator of compromise (IOC) to further safeguard the network.

Present Data

With customizable reports, present data in different ways to spot trends, patterns, anomalies etc. and increase visibility and transparency within the network.

Compliance Guideline

Adhere to various compliance legislations like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS etc. through custom SIEM reporting and safeguard data as well as organizations.

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