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Access Recertification is a key component of IT infrastructure that controls, manages and audits the security framework. Also, provides a centralized visibility and compliance on roles and responsibility within the security architecture that is an important aspect covered by the modern Access Governance solutions.

LTS Secure Access Recertification improves your audit process, automates and simplifies process of revalidating an account, allows you to approve roles, accounts, and groups for the specified user within a single activity. In the process user gets recertification notification and approval details. Access Recertification policy includes activities to ensure that users provide confirmation that they have a valid, ongoing need for a specified resource or membership.

With LTS Secure Access Recertification, admin can determine, how often users certify their requirement for an account or membership. The policy also defines the function that occurs if the user does not respond to the recertification request.

access recertification

Key Features


Assign an expiration date on an authorization to ensure access is revoked automatically.

Approvals By

No need to open a special app or leave your inbox to approve or deny an access request – simply reply directly via email.


Automate permission grants and revocation based on user attributes, and enforce ethical walls at the same time.


Data owners and authorizers can respond to permissions requests directly via email or within the Data Privilege web application.

Built-In Compliance

All actions are audited. Authorizations, entitlement reviews and other management reports provide evidence of process adherence and help satisfy compliance requirements. Document the certification effort and quickly share the evidence with auditors


Centralize database by integrating target and source systems.

User Provisioning
& Deprovisioning

Provisioning features enable you to manage user accounts automatically within an applications. This saves time, improves user experience and ensures that user’s access privileges are up to date.

User Activity

Access recertification allows approving roles, accounts, and groups for the specified user within a single activity.


Implementing access recertification can improve your internal auditing.
It reduces the amount of time and budget devoted to access certification.


Identifying the stale account. Replace spreadsheets with web-based interface to approve or reject access and log actions. Reduce the security and compliance risk associated with unauthorized access.

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