Effective Threat Detection and
Remediation with SOAR Solutions


SOAR solutions and tools allowing streamlined security operations with three important modules; Threat and Vulnerability Management, Incident Response and Security Operations Automation and Orchestration collectively form SOAR tool.

With SIEM leading to incremental alarms, many organizations have faced challenges of detecting false alarms burdening the SOC team having limited data leads and limited time to monitor and resolve these alarms. With elimination of false positives, and environmental noise, an ideal SOC re-prioritizes alarms considering the intensity and context.

Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence ‘AI’ technology plays a vital role in the Security Orchestration based on prioritization allowing SOCs a provision to automate some alarms without human support and intervention. Although organizations are aggressively buying orchestration solutions to automate alarms, enrichment and re-prioritization of these alarms is still being overlooked. Encroachment of alarms will support re-prioritization, Soar tool which will assist the organizations to classify the alarms for automation.


Key Features

Security Automation and accelerated incident response

Identify predictable and repeated workflows with less or no human interference and automate workflows to create efficient, fast and high performance processes with reduced manual error.
Enrich incidents with automated AI enabled threat intelligence and allow overburdened security teams to quickly resolve harmful phishing attacks, malware infections in multiple endpoints.

Measure information and Manage security operations

Implement proactive vulnerability management and endpoint diagnostics using advanced tools ensuring scalability and resolution as and when the team encounters security issues. Create tactical strategies and enable informed security decisions by analysing security information with proper measurement, conversion and displaying of information through various advanced methods.

Dashboards and Reports

Providing detailed information of all events and incidents, Dashboards provide a zoom-in view of the organization’s security infrastructure.
With a detailed view of key performance indicators, Dashboards and reports speed initial assessment, prioritize requirements and integrate security operations knowledge into a simpler visual tool.

Key Benefits

Improved Incident response

React faster and smarter to various threats preventing potential breaches by optimizing threat intelligence workflows. With a platform that integrates all security tools into a seamless package, identify and address threats real time.

Proactive alerts resolution

With the facility of assessing the criticality and intensity of generated alarms at super fast speeds, security analysts can focus on improved investigation, intelligent decisions and prevention of attacks and breaches.

Enhanced efficacy

SOAR platform generates standardized timely real time reports through dashboards including all activity that provides clear visibility of organizational security. This solution increases efficiency, productivity and time taken by analysts to generate reports

Automated Orchestration

By collaborating existing resources, comprehensive data, workflow analysis and more, improve security processes by implementing sophisticated defense strategies through proactive monitoring and remediation instead of incident reactions.

Faster Response time

With security orchestration, combine related alerts from disparate systems into a single incident saving time with automation. Enable quicker alert handling process and respond to these alerts with less or no human interference.

Reduced cyber attack impact

With minimized Mean time to detect (MTTD) and Mean time to respond (MTTR), SOAR empowers security analysts to invest less time gathering information and more time responding to the alert.

Easy tech and tool integration

Correlate alerts from various technologies and products. LTS SOAR platform efficiently integrates various technologies like forensics and malware analysis, identity and access management, threat intelligence, vulnerability & Risk Management and network security.

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Effective Threat Detection and Remediation with SOAR

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