Know Usages of SOAR Tools

Effective Enrichment and Contextualization for Security Operations

Streamline your approach to security operations with the industry’s most comprehensive cyber security solution, bringing together people, processes, and technology.

Considering SOAR at the core of a security platform helps organizations extend and maximize value across the ecosystem in a centralized and coordinated manner. Disconnected teams accelerated the need for an open and connected platform approach to security. Today, security teams are facing bigger challenges due to the “new normal” formed by the recent global health crisis. By moving workflows into one place and giving a flexible approach to the SOC team to bridge the gap between putting new and existing security tools together to collaborate and communicate easily, organizations can enhance productivity and maximize investments. LTS Secure SOAR is a futuristic, single, and unified platform to automate and manage enterprise security operations.

LTS Secure approach with SOAR

The SOAR Solution from LTS Secure offers comprehensive capabilities positively impacting both SOC productivity and the enterprise experience.


Centralization and Orchestration of Cybersecurity Alarms


Alarms Analysis with Risk Analysis


Automation of Response



Key Benefits

LTS Secure delivers leading-edge security solutions for modernizing security operations and empowering the performance of the SOC team at speed and scale to drive exponential efficiencies. LTS Secure SOAR stack with inbuilt Artificial Intelligence ‘AI’ technology including Threat and Vulnerability Management, Incident Response and Security Operations Automation and Orchestration allow the detection and prevention of fraud, data leaks, and advanced internal and external attacks.

Improved Incident response

React faster and smarter to various threats, preventing potential breaches by optimizing threat intelligence workflows. With a platform that integrates all security tools into a seamless package, you can identify and address threats in real time.

Proactive alerts resolution

With the facility of assessing the criticality and intensity of generated alarms at super-fast speeds, security analysts can focus on improved investigation, intelligent decisions, and the prevention of attacks and breaches.

Enhanced efficacy

The SOAR platform generates standardized, timely, real-time reports through dashboards, including all activity that provides clear visibility of organizational security. This solution increases efficiency, productivity, and the time taken by analysts to generate reports.

Automated Orchestration

By collaborating on existing resources, comprehensive data, workflow analysis, and more, we can improve security processes by implementing sophisticated defense strategies through proactive monitoring and remediation instead of incident reactions.

Faster Response time

With security orchestration, combine related alerts from disparate systems into a single incident, saving time with automation. Enable a quicker alert handling process and respond to these alerts with less or no human interference.

Reduced cyber attack impact

With minimized mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR), SOAR empowers security analysts to invest less time gathering information and more time responding to the alert.

Easy tech and tool integration

Correlate alerts from various technologies and products. The LTS SOAR platform efficiently integrates various technologies like forensics and malware analysis, identity and access management, threat intelligence, vulnerability and risk management, and network security.

Effective Threat Detection and remediation with SOAR

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Effective Threat Detection and Remediation with SOAR

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