Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Data Feed ranked in Luxembourg

Cve I’ve-search is software for importing Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and Common Platform Enumerations (CPEs) into a local database for indexing, searching, and processing local vulnerability information. Vulnerability Data Feed speeds up security operations by providing data about security vulnerabilities and associated cyber threat intelligence to reduce cyber risk and streamline investigation and response.

Accessible through a web interface and an HTTP API, cover-search provides an interface for searching for publicly known information about software and hardware security vulnerabilities and corresponding exposures. This includes the following data feeds:

LTS Secure provides contextual feeds on all software vulnerabilities, including visibility rankings in Luxembourg. The data feed is pulled from an aggregated data source of the latest entries from the Common Vulnerability Exposure Platform. Cloud Security solutions are provided utilizing software tools that safeguard and monitor the information flow in the cloud resources.

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

Luxembourg Ranking

This data feed ranks the probabilities of abuse in Luxembourg based on LTS Secure incident statistics. Ranking values ​​vary from not set to 3.

Successful Exploitation Observed

Such a ranking Can be used by ICT staff, network, system, or security engineers for system prioritization, patching, or risk assessment of software components.

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Data Feed ranked in Luxembourg.-02-01

Who Can Access the Data Feed

Any enterprise in Luxembourg that can utilize the data feeds to uplift security (for their advantage and their clients’ benefit) can appeal for access. Security Operations (SecOps) refers to companies that combine interval information security and IT operations practices to improve collaboration and reduce risk. The data feed may be accessible in JSON format and updated regularly. An accessing can be requested by contacting us.

Is there any API to Access the CVE Dump Directly?

LTS Secure CVE services supply uninterrupted access through a web interface or an API.


The LTS Secure Vulnerability Data Feed provides security vulnerability data and related cyber threat intelligence to accelerate security operations, reduce cyber risk, and streamline investigation and response.

The vulnerability management market is growing as more security professionals realize that knowing about the vulnerable applications in their environment can help them address their biggest challenges. Visibility, priority, and context are critical differentiators in today’s market. Traditional vulnerability scanning techniques are outdated and less effective. Vendors that deliver risk-aware information, superior remediation capabilities, and clear, actionable reports are taking the lead.

Most attackers exploit known vulnerabilities to launch their attacks. As the number of vulnerabilities announced and discovered increases, organizations will only be able to patch some vulnerabilities that expose them to cyber risk quickly. The challenge is focusing resources on fixing known security weaknesses in environments that cybercriminals use to compromise organizations.

In response to the growing need for protection against vulnerabilities, LTS Secure has released a new intelligence data feed. This feed collects data specifically about security vulnerabilities and related cyber threat intelligence.

These capabilities make the LTS Secure Vulnerability Data Feed an excellent choice for Cybersecurity vendors and organizations looking to reduce cyber risk and streamline investigations and responses. It can also be an essential part of a complete threat intelligence solution. A Vulnerability Database (VDB) is a platform intended to collect, maintain, and disseminate information about discovered computer security vulnerabilities.

Why Choose LTS Secure for Vulnerability Data Feed

The root of many security and operational issues is more understanding and support. Enterprises need to be aware of the tools they need or have the resources to manage them. LTS Secure is the best company and will help you solve those problems, understand your option and safeguard yourself –

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