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LTS Secure vSOCBox™ Platform



A Unified Platform for Enterprise Cyber Security.

What is the vSOC Virtual Security Operation Center?

The Security Operations Center (SOC) will protect your systems and data. You can outsource this function to create vSOCs. Security operations centers are becoming very important to large enterprises. A large enterprise with many assets and points of interaction with the outside world should devote at least part of its IT budget to security monitoring. Buy VSOC box online now as it is easily accessible.

LTS offers specialized tools that require expert technicians to run them seamlessly and interpret their results. Thus, a SOC was quickly formed by hiring cyber security experts like us.

Protect Your Business Against Cyber-Attacks With a Virtual Security Operations Center

The Virtual Security Operations Center (V SOC) combines state-of-the-art detection technology, experienced security experts, and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to provide the highest level of security against threats for advanced cyber-attacks. VSOC Security is necessary for cyber help.

The significant investment involved in building and maintaining your own SOC can be overwhelming for all but large enterprises. The LTS Virtual SOC service is an extension of your internal IT team, providing 24/7 threat detection and response at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent internal investment.

Why Do You Require a V SOC Box Online in India?

The Most Acceptable VSOC Options?

V SOC does not control the system or store company data or information, so the long-term impact outweighs the short-term decision on which service provider to choose when looking for outsourced security services; there is none. The underlying technology of the SOC is a SIEM tool that aggregates devices, application logs, and events from enterprise-wide security tools.

One of the main tasks of vSOC is to monitor software security. VSOC does not host data and is not a SaaS provider. LTS alleviates the challenge of facing only the latest threats. Visit our professional security services to ease the burden and improve your company’s cyber resilience.

The LTS Secure vSOCBox™ Platform includes:

Fully managed advanced SOC built on SIEM platform

External & internal vulnerability scanning at regular intervals

24*7 monitoring for cloud infra, network, users, & App

Advanced Threat Detection Services

Expert Forensic Investigation Services

Compliance Control, Mapping, and Management

Automated Remediation

Round the clock support

Incident Response Services

The acceptance of "SOC as PaaS" has been driven by-


Continuous visibility of Network, Application & Users needs established processes.


Security Solution alarms are delivered in non-integrated silos, increasing costs


The desire to get more value out of existing security investments.


Lack of skilled Security Resources increasing challenges to Setup SOC.


Need to expand security monitoring to include cloud, OT, and IoT devices.

The LTS Secure vSOCBox™ Platform Benefits:


Reduce business continuity risk

28 Min to 7 Min

Reduce Threat response Time


Reduce Cost for an Audit


Reduction in False Positives

LTS Secure “Amplify Partner Program” Value
Proposition for Partners

The LTS Secure’s SOC Platform as a Service (SOC PaaS) platform, vSOC Box™, will help you to quickly launch your own scalable, automated, and highly cost effective SOC Operations. Leverage one of a kind SOC-platform as-a-Service (SOCPaaS) offering from LTS Secure and take a holistic approach in implementing innovative strategies that will provide a cohesive protection to your customers.

Solution as Module

Established SOC Process

Security Incident Team 24 * 7

Updated Threat Intelligence

Portfolio Addition

Revenue Increase


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