Advanced threat monitoring with LTS Secure V-SOC BOX version 5.0- AWS and Office 365 plugins

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Newly added plugins of LTS Secure V-SOC BOX version 5.0 – AWS & Office 365 plugins, provide threat monitoring and Privileged Activity Monitoring for AWS and Office 365. While UEBA fetches data from these plugins and enhances alarm context, SIEM receives the enhanced version and monitors alarms for security analytics.

Monitoring suspicious events and threats, this feature has numerous benefits allowing appropriate rule creation like correlation and cross-correlation rules, identifying threats and potential attacks in-progress and more. Synchronizing with SIEM and UEBA, we can now experience complete visibility into on-premise and cloud activities via a single console.

About LTS Secure:

LTS Secure is an Integrated Security Platform (SIEM + UEBA + CASB + IDM) that enables continuous monitoring & detection of Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risk of IT Network, Applications and by Users in a single pane based on Security Orchestration, Automation and Response.