Avoiding The Hook – Phishing Attacks Into O365

Microsoft Office 365 which is a Collaboration platform has driven the organizations with productivity applications necessary to get work done in the modern enterprise. In fact, because of Office 365’s cloud-based structure, the suite of productivity applications is constantly being updated and improved and each day millions of files are being shared and stored.

Collaboration and communication are the key components of productivity in the modern enterprise, and productivity is the lifeblood of the enterprise. For many companies, Office 365 is the de facto standard for productivity software. But it’s impossible to figure out how much our Data is secured while we trade with such amount of files in this collaboration platform for the ease of the organization.

At the moment, the financial services industry has the highest rate of usage. Microsoft’s focus on making its cloud services meet FISC and GDPR data protection requirements also make Office 365 a natural choice for an industry that regularly deals in the transaction of sensitive data. Second, only to financial services, the manufacturing industry has migrated to using Office 365 and especially the OneDrive app for cloud storage at a rate of over 26% of its users.

According to Bitglass, usage of Office 365 globally in 2016 was around 34%. That number grew to 56% by Q3 of last year. This means Office 365 users now make up over half of the 81% of total organizations who have made the shift to cloud services. There are now over 155 million Office 365 business users (2018) globally in which the Microsoft Office has been downloaded on Android over 1 billion times (2018). There are now 500,000 businesses using Microsoft Teams, including 91% of the Fortune 100 (2019).

As more sensitive and personal data is being stored in Office 365, the risk of data loss is also high. Drawback also comes with advantages somehow. According to the latest Office 365 Adoption statistic, more than 17% of the data stored in OneDrive and SharePoint Online are sensitive. Among them, 4.1% of data includes personally identifiable information and 1.7% data has payment information. No data stored in the cloud storage can be considered 100% secure. Any of the data that is valuable for your business, can get stolen. If Office 365 credentials fall into the hands of scammers, they can also ask for ransom against your personal data. Therefore, it is extremely essential for every Office 365 user to have a data backup.

The technological world has witnessed an astounding rise in the number of cyber-attacks as the hacker’s mission to target the vulnerabilities in the security system. Even a small loophole in the security system can serve as an entry point for the cyber attackers. Insider threats pose a significant risk to any organization and quite often it is very hard to detect.

LTS Secure UEBA is a security solution that analyzes the behaviors of people that are connected to an organization’s network and entities or end-points such as servers, applications, etc. to figure out the anomalies in the security. UEBA uses behavioral analysis to monitor the activities of the users and entities. It keeps a track of where do people usually log in from and what applications or file servers they use, what is their degree of access, etc. UEBA then correlates this information to gauge if a certain activity performed by the users is different from their daily tasks and establishes a baseline of what is usual behavior. If something unusual happens that doesn’t comply with the baseline, UEBA detects it and sends alerts of the probable threat.

LTS Secure UEBA has proved itself to be an indispensable asset in the world of cybersecurity. According to experts user and entity behavior analytics is a better model for attack detection and maintain that it is going to enable more accurate detection of cyber attackers threatening networks.

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