Redefine SaaS Security with next-generation CASB product

Today company’s applications and data reside beyond the corporate-controlled premises, through third-party infrastructure, taking a traditional approach to security. However, that is not enough.

Software as a service is a model in which a vendor remotely hosts and delivers software applications as a service to its customers. Over the past decade, this form of software delivery has become increasingly popular as it allows companies to access and use various applications on-demand in a “pay-as-you-go” manner, rather than having their in-house technology infrastructure.

CASB product

As SaaS usage explodes and collaboration for software delivery becomes mission-critical, securing data with a traditional CASB product is inadequate. Using standard CASB solutions is operationally complex and yields a higher cost. Securing SaaS applications, sensitive data, and the growing hybrid workforce with legacy is daunting and riddled with risk. The organization’s need today is a “Next-Generation CASB product.”

One that:

  • Secures your applications and data and enables a hybrid workforce model.
  • Detects, monitors, and protects sensitive data in company networks while protecting the sanctioned apps from becoming conduits of data exfiltration.
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance prevents data leakage.
  • Monitors and manages user behavior and minimizes “shadow IT” risks.
  • It doesn’t require a broker to integrate seamlessly with the existing security stack.

Advantages Of Next-Gen CASB Product

360-degree Data-Centric Approach

Traditional CASB has encryption or tokenization features that involve encryption of content to the cloud apps and services and then decryption of that same content. End users can upload such content to their personal cloud apps copy it to their devices or USB sticks. However, the next-gen CASB product provides a better robust solution by intelligently integrating end-to-end encryption with CASB technology. Using this approach, content can be encrypted and sent to cloud apps and services and remain encrypted while downloaded at the endpoints. The approach has advantages such as:

  • Ensuring data protection remains encrypted, regardless of how it is propagated. It requires user authentication to view the content, leaving control in the hands of the enterprise.
  • The robust CASB product tracks the content where it travels at any point.
  • Next-gen CASB product also provides support to all built-in platforms, providing the security team with more flexibility to apply rules across their landscape.

Cohesive Cloud Security Approach

Protection from cyberattacks and threat intelligence is one more feature of next-gen CASB products. Malware attack, including advanced malware, affects the files and systems in the network perimeter, even in cloud accounts. As traditional perimeter protection is no longer sufficient, organizations need robust malware protection to protect their assets in the cloud entirely. One that:

  • The next-gen CASB product is best-of-breed to tap global threat intelligence to analyze cloud content and track the latest breach data on various cloud apps and services.
  • It leverages industries to analyze users to block and quarantine malicious content, preventing it from infecting.
  • It integrates Advanced Threat Protection to detect zero-day threats in the cloud accounts and cloud apps.

Immediate Response

Traditional CASB solutions rely on manual and static-based application discovery methods, which hinder the ability to rapidly identify any significant damage which is outside the liability of the cloud app provider. Organizations are using many applications in many different cloud environments. When cloud usage is outside the view of IT, enterprise data is no longer bound by the company’s governance, risk, or compliance policies. Next-gen CASB product provides immediate response into cloud app usage to safeguard the users, confidential data, and intellectual property, including user information. The next-gen CASB product is about intelligently integrating the CASB functionality to provide comprehensive coverage of the cloud activities. It includes:

  • Improved security efficiency
  • Reduced operational and overhead costs
  • Better User Experiences


Organizations must have visibility into their user’s activities across their cloud applications, including on sanctioned and unsanctioned applications, known as Shadow IT. It is a widespread risk of cloud usage beyond IT’s line of sight because the enterprise’s data is no longer covered under compliance, governance, and risk policies. With the next-gen CASB products, enterprises can intelligently be integrated to deliver more value. One that:

  • They are automatically distributed to SWG solutions both on-prem and in the cloud to enrich their visibility capabilities.
  • The solution can enable organizations to define a dynamic policy based on critical risk attributes, such as the Business Readiness Rating. It can n continuously inform the SWG of new apps and services, matching the selected criteria and automating Shadow IT control.
  • It unifies authentication, automates log ingestion, and integrates the user interface for a user experience.


While businesses can outsource all their systems and data storage to the cloud; however, their primary responsibility is to ensure regulatory compliance around the privacy and safety of their data, regardless of their services. The advantages are:

  • Next-gen CASB products help organizations comply with the increasingly stringent and constantly evolving data and privacy regulations requirements.
  • Cloud access security brokers can maintain compliance by addressing various compliance regulations such as HIPAA and more.
  • It can determine the highest risk areas in terms of compliance that provide direction to the security teams to focus on resolving them.


Traditional CASB leverages agent technology to help steer traffic to a CASB gateway. However, many organizations already have endpoints protection in place and often are reluctant to deploy yet another agent. Next-gen CASB products can add value by integrating deeper with existing endpoint security solutions. One that:

  • That simplifies integrating the CASB agent functionality with mainstream endpoint security solutions.
  • It reduces the number of agents that need to be managed and deployed while expanding CASB-enabled devices’ footprint.
  • CASB product can also improve analysis of Shadow IT by leveraging telemetry from existing endpoint agents.

With 15 years of experience and security solution management veterans, LTS Secure management offers a robust next-gen CASB product with its distinctive capability to support any cloud app. It has proven itself to be indispensable for cloud security. We support primary SaaS applications and service providers and provide advanced insights into organizations’ secure cloud access. Through our CASB product, organizations can get visibility into what is happening across their cloud environments, including user and data activity. Hence, it is a need for organizations to implement a unified security control like CASB product.

Connect with our security experts if you are looking for a Single Cloud platform securing multiple cloud applications and integrations with unified controls.

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