Increased revenues with Co-branded SOC-LTS Secure Amplify

How to Improve of Success of SOC?

On 6th April 2022,  LTS Secure will bring together all its cybersecurity partners for breakfast filled with tech talks, snacks, coffee, live discussion, and more. The goal is to celebrate LTS Secure’s cybersecurity community and build more connectivity between techies in Chicago.

At  LTS Secure, we understand the value of being part of the cyber security community. At the same time, getting connected with a security community with easily accessible and in a relaxing environment with familiar faces is a great experience. We’re continuing this trend with local meetups and have put together cybersecurity gatherings in all the tech hotspots. Therefore, inviting you to be part of the “Local Partner Meetup-CHICAGO” to explore, network, and be part of the cybersecurity community.

SOC- LTS Secure Amplify Meetup Agenda

LTS Secure amplifies an abridged competency-based version, will provide partners access to industry-leading cyber security solutions and additional sales and marketing services to deliver innovative security solutions to clients globally.” Rather than focusing on evaluating partner levels from revenue targets only, the breakfast meetup will emphasize involvement and engagement for the LTS Secure brand to foster Return on Investment and ultimately amplify growth.

The talk will highlight the revenue and engagement of partners to ensure optimal support as a critical competency and understand their needs and growth potential. At LTS Secure, we aim to build meaningful and profitable relationships with our partners, leveraging programs featuring carefully crafted advanced cyber security solutions. We excel in providing essential security programs comprising end-to-end threat detection and remediation solutions for businesses of varied sizes.

Through this breakfast meetup, partners will be measured by their capabilities and engagement through various activities and rewarded for their focus and investments in working with LTS Secure. We understand the initial component of LTS Secure expertise is to protect businesses through experience and innovative thinking.

Benefits Of This Meet

  • Cybersecurity tech meetups play an essential role in the professional development of the talent within the tech ecosystem.
  • Local Partner Meetup-CHICAGO” is intended to raise awareness of local tech meetup groups and better network the broader tech community here in this region.
  • The meetup will enable MSSP and MSP leaders to strengthen partnerships and cater security solutions across industries.
  • Through human-led threat intelligence and the power of technology, LTS Secure cyber security services and solutions provide accurate time detection, breach-proof protection, and quick remediation.

LTS Secure Breakfast Meet- No Longer Business As Usual

For all the partners and communities in and around Chicago city, it is clear that business as usual is no longer an option. Local Partner Meetup-CHICAGO not only makes it easier for community partners to do business with LTS Secure,  but it also provides a clear path, built on a proven framework, to transform their business for today while enabling cybersecurity for increased revenue and long-term sustained growth in the future. Together with our partner community, we are reinventing how customers experience our products and services by investing in our shared capabilities while developing new areas of cybersecurity to remain competitive.

About LTS Secure:

LTS Secure is a global provider of Cyber security services with clients across industries. We offer a security Suite to rationalize, prioritize & automate responses to risks in your environment. LTS Secure provides comprehensive Cyber Security solutions with continuous monitoring, detection, and prevention of frauds, Data Leaks, and Advanced Internal and External Attacks with advanced Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response solutions.