LTS Secure Listed Among Top 10 Pitched Products At Nasscom Product Conclave 2016


Pune, INDIA – Mar 17, 2016: As promised, LTS Secure did display its power and efficiency at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016. Not only LTS Secure proved itself as a useful product at the conclave, it also got listed among best products useful for every investor.

Team LTS Secure is proud to announce that at the conclave, LTS Secure was listed among “Top 10 Products to pitch in front of investor panel.” The pitch session had been organized by CIO Angel Network (CAN). After an initial briefing conducted by CAN, presenters could indulge in one on one pitch with the Investors with a ten minutes time limit.

The Engineering Team and Sales Team of LTS Secure showcased LTS Secure to people attending the conclave that impressed everybody. Engineering Team conducted the presentation about how LTS Secure can protect enterprises from cyber threats and online fraud regarding cloud applications and big data.

Team LTS Secure also met various security experts and top level executives. Exchange of thoughts regarding data leakage happened with talks about strategies that could minimize the risks of customer data loss and frauds. Thoughts were shared about going beyond firewall to overcome the problems of data leakage, cyber fraud and advanced threats targeting internal applications, hosted applications and cloud applications used by various industries like IT, Retail and E-Commerce. Overall security was a primary concern for all IT decision makers.

Mentioning the existing as well as possibly upcoming Internal & External Threats to the cloud applications and data, LTS Secure Engineering Team listed and discussed the Next-Generation security solutions against all kinds of threats.

This was a new moment for Team LTS Secure to present its services to a new audience. LTS Secure promises to keep you safe from cyber threats and protect your data via LTS Secure Access Broker, LTS Secure Identity Management Service and LTS Secure Data Leakage Detection & Prevention Service.

About LTS Secure,

LTS Secure is a security behavioural intelligence platform with Contextual Access Security Broker to detect & prevent fraud, data leaks and advanced inner as well as outer attacks for applications and big data.

LTS Secure prevents advanced cyber threats by using behaviour patterns to protect applications which are on the cloud, whether internal or external. LTS Secure monitors the applications activities apart from averting cyber threats. LTS Secure inbuilt adaptive access control is a form of context-aware access control that acts to balance the level of trust against risk at the moment of access using combination of trust elevation and other dynamic risk mitigation techniques. LTS Secure provides Access Control, Identity Management, Privilege Activity monitoring and Data Leakage prevention as a single solution.

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