LTS Secure VSOC Box: AI and ML based SOAR Platform for Government


  • Client type- Government
  • Location- UAE
  • Problem statement-
    • Thousands of alarms were being generated inside the client’s environment everyday, causing their analysts to be bogged down with manual, recurring, task-intensive tasks, leading them to suffer from alert fatigue, thus decreasing the efficiency of their SOC operations.
  • Solution
    • LTS Secure VSOC Box was deployed on their environment, enabling their SOC to become more intelligence-driven, by allowing them to centralize all their alarms, while aggregating & validating data from a wide variety of solutions like SIEM, UEBA, NGFW and threat intelligence.
    • The ML capabilities of our solution, allowed to minimize the noise generated and brought in context like Assets-Users-Business to enrich the alarms.
    • Our solution also allowed their SOC to automate some of the L1 level alarms where human second eye is not required.


  • Alert overload avoided
  • Filter out false-positives and instantly identify which alerts to escalate
  • Significant reduction in time and resources required to review alerts
  • Enabled SOC teams to focus on complex incidents that really require their skills
  • Made threat investigation process more standardized
  • Faster results and adaptive response
  • Improved flexibility and opened new opportunities for collaboration
  • Optimized use of customers’ existing security investments to provide ROI

Product USP

  • Centralization of Alarms from all Critical-Security-Controls
  • Enrichment of Alarms with User-Asset-Business context
  • Reduce alert fatigue
  • Does alarm prioritization, security orchestration, and automation
  • Helps automate incident response
  • Enables organizations to implement sophisticated defense-in-depth capabilities
  • GUI enabled intuitive SOAR Platform

Product Features

  • SOAR
  • Input data sources
  • DLP
  • NGFW
  • EDR

Solution type: Product + Services

Specifications (Optional)

Product Architecture:


Delivery Model

  • Cloud Based (SaaS Multi-Tenant)
  • On Premise
  • Hybrid

Business Model

  • One Time Installation + Services
  • Pay Per Use
  • Subscription Model


  • Channel Partner
  • SI’s
  • Other

Salient Features

  • Cost
  • Operability
  • Orchestration
  • Response Automation
  • Risk Management

Verticals catered:

  • BFSI
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Government


Website Link: LTS Secure

Key Customers (Optional)
Location of deployment:

  • On-Premise
  • Cloud