LTS Secure Warning: MalSpam & Malvertising Campaign Being Used As A Vector To Spread GetCrypt Ransomware

GetCrypt Ransomware was first detected in May of 2019 & functions as every other ransomware. The only difference is that it appends the encrypted files with two extensions:-

  • .vip
  • A random 4-character extension, which is unique for every victim.


Technical Details

The Ransomware makes use of campaigns like MalSpam & Malvertising to redirected users to a site which are hosting the RIG exploit kit, which used to identify & exploit vulnerabilities found on the user’s device. Upon Successful exploitation, the next phase kicks in, which is to download the GetCrypt ransomware on the device. Before doing this, there is a check being performed to see the User language & if it falls in the following list then the process is terminated:-

  • Belarusian
  • Kazakh
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

If no match is found, then it starts with its infection process which is as follows:-

  • Clears all volume shadow copies to prevent any possible recovery chances.
  • It then locates pictures, music, databases, documents, etc and starts encrypting them using RSA – 4096 & Salsa20 algorithm.
  • Ransom note is then dropped with the procedure that must be followed by the victim to get his/her files decrypted.



  • Downtime in Business Critical operations.
  • Damage of hostage systems, data, and files.
  • Operational and financial loss to the Business/Individual.


Recommended Actions

  • Avoid Opening emails & attachments from unknown senders.
  • Do not open any advertisement pages shown on websites without knowing that they are genuine.
  • Take system back-ups on regular intervals.
  • Ensure that your devices are always up-to-date with the latest patches released.
  • Regularly update your antivirus software & perform malware scans to protect against unknown threats.


LTS Secure Locations
  • Florida: 407-965-5509
    Los Angeles: 323-544-5013
    Mid West: 800 689 4506

  • Chicago/Midwest– 2406 Schumacher Drive, Mishawaka, IN, 46545

    201, Tower S4, Phase II, Cybercity, Magarpatta Township, Hadapsar, Pune-411013

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