LTS Secure Warning: Noxious Trojan Bringing Windows System Down To Its Knees

Infostealer.Predapa!gm is a computer infection that belongs to Trojan family. It is specially designed to infect the Windows OS (XP,7,8.1,10) & alter system critical application/setting to stop them from performing their desired functions.


Technical Details

Infostealer.Predapa!gm is kind of dangerous Trojan, once infected, it may disable your system and displays fake “Blue-Screen-of-Death” (BSOD) to the victim. As it is a Trojan your PC could be infected by visiting malicious websites, downloading Freeware or malicious application from an untrusted websites and using it, opening spam email and clicking on the links, clicking or visiting malicious URLs.

Once Infected, it makes changes in your system settings also it changes your PCs Registry Data or entries. Infostealer. Predapa!gm is known as a Trojan because as a Typical Trojan, it hides in your system and works maliciously and also make it undetectable to anti-viruses. It is one of the dangerous Trojan because it sends your confidential Information and Data to the Attacker.



  • It makes changes in your system registry setting,forcing it to restart automatically after a fixed interval of time.
  • It prevents critical application & setting running on your system like antivirus,firewall setting,system registry setting and control panel,etc from performing their desired functions.
  • Transmits your confidential/critical data to remote servers.
  • Makes your PC performance speed much slower than before by consuming up more memory space and resources.


Recommended Actions

  • Always keep your patch devices up-to-date with latest patches made available by Microsoft.
  • Properly configure your email server to block all the email that contains file attachments that are commonly used to spread such malicious threats, such as .exe, .bat, .vbs, .scr & .pif files using E-Mail filters, and other anti-exploit technology.
  • Try to avoid downloading and using any Freeware application.
  • Turn off and remove unnecessary services.


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