LTS Secure Warning: Sonar.Miner!gen3 developed new technique to breach your system security

SONAR.Miner!gen3 is a stealthy and sneaky malware that belongs to the Trojan community. This dangerous PC threat can easily access your windows computer without permission and leads to major damage. It infects the system using third party programs, spam emails, suspicious websites, and other nasty tricks.

Technical Details

SONAR.Miner!gen3 virus is an auto-executable application, it travels through the network and can automatically install on the targeted machine. It is distributed with the help of spam email attachments, file sharing networks, P2P apps, instant messages, and malicious links. Sometimes it is installed with the help of other computer viruses.


Once installed successfully, SONAR.Miner!gen3 malware can perform various identified and harmful changes in your system. Here is the list of impacts caused by SONAR.Miner!gen3:

  • It will completely degrade your system performance and speed.
  • It corrupts all .exe files running in your system, including pre-installed anti-malware applications.
  • It will connect your system to a remote server and allows the hackers to access your sensitive information such as financial details, login credentials, personal files, browsing history, and many more.
  • Destroy entire OS by deleting crucial files and formatting hard disks.
  • Redirect you to predetermined sites that may infect your system with other threats.
  • Encipher your files or display lock screen and demand the hefty sum of ransom money.

Recommended Actions

Following best practice to protect from the infection:

  • Regularly update your operating system to fix vulnerabilities.
  • Enable your file sharing protection.
  • Disable your Autorun for CD and USB.
  • Restore your registry settings.
  • Set an auto scan for instant messages, browsing page and email.


Symantec has released a security advisory about Sonar.Miner!gen3 on April 17, 2018.

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