LTS Secure vSOCBox v5.7 released with surface attack assessment and analytics

Date – 30th, January, 2023 .

Location – Chicago

LTS Secure is releasing a new next-generation global vSOCBox v5.7 (vSOCBox) to strengthen its sovereign security offering.

LTS Secure, a leading provider of managed security services, today announced the opening of a new next-generation Security Operations Centre (SOC) as part of the continued expansion of its cyber security activities. LTS Secure’s new generation vSOCBox v5.7 was released with surface attack assessment and analytics worldwide to protect organizations against cyberattacks. It is designed to rapidly identify and mitigate the impact of security incidents on large organizations worldwide through continuous threat monitoring, detection, and targeted response powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology (ML) – the ultimate reinforcement of LTS Secure’s powerful global SOC network.

A surface attack consists of all entry points or attack vectors through which an attacker can enter a system, application, device, or entire network. A larger attack surface exposes systems and organizations to more threats, making them harder to protect.
Surface attack analysis and monitoring include mapping all attack vectors within an organization. This helps organizations find risk areas and vulnerable systems to mitigate as many attack vectors as possible.

Attack surface analysis helps organizations identify areas that need more security testing for vulnerabilities and identifies high-risk areas for comprehensive protection. You can also use this analysis to determine when infrastructure changes are driving new attack surface changes.

There are two ways to do an attack surface analysis. Either manually, with a penetration tester and security architect or with automated tools. Surface attack management software continuously monitors your infrastructure for new vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

“Our LTS Secure’s vSOCBox v5.7 around the world is interconnected, enabling us to more effectively share information on cyber threats, better prepare against threats, and share critical cyber expertise and best practices. An extensive network of SOCs provides increased reliability and redundancy to meet the increasing complexity of cyber-attacks and their globalization.” Said the director Satyen Jain

As cyber threats grow, LTS Secures’ global vSOCBox v5.7 network processes 31 billion security events per day. The new vSOCBox complements this line of defense and offers a full range of managed security services, including managed detection and response (MDR). MDR provides threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and research and investigation using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Automatically contain threats and orchestrated responses.

LTS Secure provides end-to-end services and supports 50+ business functions and 1000+ processes. Additionally, the company provides the best cybersecurity services to clients in over 40 countries around the world. We provide innovative security solutions for international companies and industries, including world-class vSOCBox for corporate customers. LTS Secure is one of the leading employers and has been recognized as a Great Place to Work by the International Great Place to Work for four consecutive years.

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