Different Ways To Modernize Your SOC

For years, we have seen the same set of problems to occur inside a SOC: plethora of alerts being triggered, shortage in security professionals, lack of proper skills, and experience and teams having insufficient threat-mitigation capabilities. To overcome these burdens, SOC teams need to adapt to a newer threat response model – one that is cloud-based, allows them to prioritize effective triage, and leverages behavior analytics & automation tools.

Join this webinar to understand how SOC teams can transform their operations, making their SOC more modern and sustainable

Key takeaways:-

  • How risk-based alerting improves alert triage & threat response
  • Mitigating your identified threats in a matter of seconds
  • How integrating your existing security solutions can help you create a streamlined workflow
  • Speaker Details – Utsav Vyas – Security Analyst

    Utsav is Security Analyst who has done a number of research projects & has been involved with a lot of Enterprise grade cyber security projects implementation & completion. Utsav is responsible for designing custom solutions for various use cases based on client requirements from different industries helping them gain better visibility


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