RSM and LTS Secure

Date – 14th March

Location – Middle East

LTS Secure Co-Powered by RSM spotlights Cyber Security Transformation and Solutions at the GISEC Event 2023 in Dubai.

LTS Secure has partnered with RSM to participate in the GISEC global event hosted by the Cyber Security Council. We are privileged to take part in this global event, a platform for doing business with influential players in the Cybersecurity ecosystem. GISEC is a collaboration of various security stakeholders united by the mission of protecting the integrity of the global digital infrastructure. RSM and LTS Secure support businesses of all sizes must have digital and information technology at their core to compete in today’s business environment. Customers and clients have specific digital needs and expectations that must be met.

They want to be able to interact digitally with the business, and their employees want help implementing the right technology solutions. Effective use of digital platforms and automation can take your business to the top of the industry, and our information technology services can help you do just that. LTS Secure is the leading enterprise in the field of Cybersecurity. Cyber-attacks are increasing every day with cybercriminals finding new methods to disrupt the functioning of businesses. Our ample experience with Cybersecurity enables us to help enterprises plan and manage cyber risk while embedding a culture of cyber awareness. In an ever-changing global environment, strengthening Cybersecurity across all industries is becoming increasingly important. GISEC Global brings together top industry leaders and names to provide a platform to stay ahead of potential threats, find innovative strategies, and defend against major disruptions.

 Security professionals invest in up to 34 less integrated security tools to protect against a variety of threats, resulting in reduced visibility, faster detection, storm alerts, manual alert schedules, and skill gaps. LTS Secure improves security by protecting cloud workloads, networks, endpoints, and email from ransomware, advanced persistent threats, insider threats, and other malware. VSOC will reduce average detection and response time, enabling faster threat detection, prevention, and response. – said Satyen Jain, director of LTS Secure.

About LTS Secure

LTS Secure is an integrated AI-ML (SIEM + UEBA + CASB + IDM) based security platform that manages threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to IT networks, applications, and users within a single security and automation system based on a security platform.