What is SIEM-as-a-Service? Key advantages of SIEM-as-a-service

Business organizations of all sizes use SIEM or Security Information and Event Management to detect and respond to potential IT security threats. SIEM as a service is a collection of SaaS tools, providing real-time incident monitoring and threat detection in your organization. Using real-time correlation and data log analysis tools, SIEM-as-a-Service can provide a centralized solution for automating your security log information and threat detection.

Key Advantages Of SIEM-as-a-Service

It is no surprise that cybersecurity and data protection has become an essential part of every organization. SIEM is a set of log management and monitoring tools that help organizations detect targeted cyber-attacks and data breaches.

The tool aggregate and examine log event information from devices, infrastructure, systems, and applications to detect suspicious cyber activities inside networks. When SIEM identifies anomalous behaviour, it generates an alert for investigation. Below are a few advantages of SIEM as a Service.

Understanding Threats

Many of the hosts in your organization systems that log security breaches don’t include built-in incident detection capabilities. It means these hosts can observe events and produce log entries but can’t analyze them for any potential suspicious activities. However, with SIEM tools, correlation and analyzing the log data is more accessible to produce across hosts. They’re able to detect the incidents better that might otherwise be missed or not analyzed because they are widely separated between hosts.

For example, through SIEM, companies can see one part of the attack on a computer’s operating system while another part is on a network intrusion prevention system. SIEM correlates log data from each host and reconstructs the series of events to determine the precise nature of the attack. Once the tool detects the correlated event, it then sends alerts to notify the IT team about the attack and direct them to the associated log data to respond accordingly. Thus SIEM as a Service can limit the scale of damage that might result from the threat or may have gone unnoticed.

Correlated Data

Visibility of correlated data of your entire IT environment is one of the most significant benefits of SIEM as a Service, and visibility goes hand in hand with the way the logs are normalized and correlated in a SIEM tool.

No matter the size of your business, various components in the IT environment generate, format, and send vast amounts of data. These IT components are producing tons of data, it’s nearly impossible to understand these data components manually, and one would need a considerable amount of time and energy. SIEM as a Service is capable of relating to data aggregation and normalization. SIEM tools collect and store the data from the security tools in a centralized location; it also normalizes them into a uniform format to easily compare these data. The tool further analyzes and correlates these data, finding their connections that help you detect security incidents quickly.

Present Data

SIEM as a Service can present data and improve the organization’s efficiency when it comes to understanding and handling events in the IT environment. With SIEM tools, one can view the security log data within different hosts through a single interface. It expedites the incident handling process, and the IT team can quickly identify an attack’s route through your business. It can also identify the hosts that were affected by an attack. SIEM tools present data of hosts that have already been compromised, thus reducing the impact of a security breach. Using the given data, organizations can reduce the financial impact of a breach and the amount of damage that occurs.

Compliance Guideline

Every business has at least some regulations that it needs to comply with.  Proving compliance can be time-consuming and challenging; SIEM tools collect, normalize, and organize log data that simplifies the compliance reporting process. Also, SIEM tools as centralized logging solutions for compliance reporting are so significant that many businesses deploy SIEM tools primarily to streamline their compliance reporting. The tool can save both time and money for businesses by simplifying compliance reporting to make sure MSPs customers are not violating any regulations.

With 15 years of experience and security solution management veterans, LTS Secure management offers customers SIEM as a Service. With centralized logging, businesses can simplify compliance reporting efforts while also strengthening their ability to detect and respond to security incidents in their IT environments. SIEM tool’s dashboard makes it easy to visualize what’s happening in your customers’ digital environments and ensure that the right team is notified when a threat is detected.

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