Soar Benefits

Key Benefits of SOAR for SOC

Building a productive & fully functioning SOC is crucial for every organization due to the current threat landscape.  According to the global insurance firm Gallagher, 800 cyberattacks happen per hour on average, and the volume is neither ordinary nor new. Back in 2013, the U.S. Navy saw 110,000 cyberattacks per hour.

Imagine how a SOC analyst tries to manage this sheer number of alerts. It is where SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) comes in. Integrating Advanced SOAR can increase efficiency and effectiveness by correlating alerts from any disparate security device, automating tasks, and providing playbooks for incident handling.


Goal of SOAR for SOC

The main goal of SOAR is to bring efficiency to SOC processes and improve incident response against the thousands of security alerts. People, processes, and technologies contribute to efficient and effective incident response.

SOAR technologies enable enterprises to collect and aggregate vast amounts of security data and alerts. Thus, it helps build automated processes to respond to low-level security events and standardize threat detection and remediation procedures. An increasing number of enterprises are turning to SOAR technologies o help improve their cyber security posture.

Key Benefits of SOAR For Security Operation

So, how can SOAR enable more effective and efficient incident response? Let’s have a look.

1. Automation

Automation makes life easier and eliminates the need for manually-produced metrics. By allowing SOCs to pull reports on demand, especially with a click or automatically on a schedule, enterprises receive reliable and timely metrics for each report. Thus compatible software programs provides reporting templates and the ability to generate custom reports.

2. Faster Response Time

SOAR collects multiple related alerts from disparate systems into a single incident. It helps systems save more time by enabling the system to respond to alerts with no human intervention whenever possible. Thus bringing context to textual data and automation to the decision-making process enables the ML engine of SOAR to identify false positives & appropriately respond to low-risk security alerts without any human intervention.

3. Reduce Manual Operation

SOAR for SOC relieves SOC analysts of mundane, repetitive tasks and includes them in the verall process of handling any given incident. A good SOAR platform incorporates these tasks into playbooks that layout end-end incident response to overcome alert fatigue by automatically detecting & responding to known security threats with automated workflows.

4. Improved Threat Hunting

Security Software enables organizations to literally “hunt down” threats proactively and efficiently. Analysts can search for malicious activity across the enterprise network using SOAR tools and find multiple threats while correlating with attackers’ tactics, techniques, and procedures. They can also understand the risks these threats pose simultaneously and address them before they can cause harm. ML Engine learns from past security incidents, enabling SOAR to evolve at the same pace as security threats, allowing SOC teams to handle threats better.

5. Comprehensive Integration

SOAR for SOC’s primary goal is to provide the integrations for customers with cybersecurity and non-cyber security third-party tools and technologies. There are no limits to the integrations enterprises can create with SOAR. It supports integrations in multiple standard scripting languages such as Python, PowerShell, and Bash, wrapped into Yaml configuration for optimal flexibility.

A good SOAR platform has a virtual war room feature to ensure that critical communication is standardized to prevent team members from missing critical information during an incident response. Supporting multiple integrations and APIs, SOAR allows multiple security products to communicate and work synchronously, increasing the flexibility of organizational infrastructure using languages like Python and other APIs.

6. Enhanced Threat Intelligence

Optimizing threat hunting provides helpful information but is often the tree that falls with no one to hear it. As SOC analysts constantly deal with overloaded information, adding threat hunting will enable sorting through the mix piles. SOAR for SOC can ingest threat hunting and automatically correlate it with events in real-time. Thus, it takes off SOC analysts’ burden and immediately provides actionable information for incident response teams. Thus it provides actionable information for incident response teams by having the ability to ingest threat intelligence feeds and correlate it with security events in real.

7. Dashboard And Reports

Another benefit of security orchestration, automation and response is automated reporting that makes life easier and eliminates the need for manually-produced metrics. By allowing SOC analysts to pull reports on demand, especially with a click, enterprises receive reliable and timely metrics for each reporting period. SOAR tools provide reporting templates and the ability to generate custom reports. It allows SOC teams, CISOs, and auditors to properly visualize & analyze relevant data, measure success & access potential business

How Can SOAR For SOC Transform Organization’s Incident Response?

Whether you call it alert fatigue or information overload, the numerous threats organizations face daily are draining their SOC resources and slowing their incident response time. SOAR tools enable enterprises by relieving the SOC analysts of remedial and low-priority tasks by allowing them to focus on improving their SOC’s overall effectiveness in responding to incidents. SOAR for SOC enables end-to-end security operations management companies to make analysts more productive, security engineers more effective, and managers more informed.

LTS Secure compatible software is a perfect solution for organizations that streamlines their security operations while increasing the overall efficiency of their SOC. The solution does this by centralizing & triaging alerts from various security solutions, automating threat analysis and repetitive tasks, saving valuable time & resources for SOC teams.

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