What is SOAR Software Security (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response)

Know What is SOAR Software Security

A SOAR solution, which stands for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response, is a collection of security software solutions and tools for browsing and collecting data from various sources. It uses human and machine learning tools to analyze confidential data to comprehend and prioritize incident response actions.

It allows organizations to respond quickly during cyberattacks and improve the complete security posture. The SOAR solution uses the security “playbooks” that are automated and coordinated with the organization’s workflow. According to Gartner, the SOAR market will grow to $550 million by 2023 with a CAGR of 14.9%.

SOAR Solution

SOAR Solution help organizations improve their security operations as below:

  • It combines security orchestration, incident management, interactive investigation, and intelligent automation as a single solution.
  • It breaks down the silos by facilitating the team to enable security analysis to automatic action.
  • It provides the security team with a centralized tool to manage and coordinate its security.
  • It can optimize case management by opening and closing tickets and investigating the resolved incidents.

How Does SOAR Solution Work?

SOAR solutions aim is to gather all things together and ease the burden from the organization.


This part of the SOAR security software enables the cybersecurity, and IT terms to combine the overall network environment in a unified manner, and it helps to combine the internal and external threat information.


This feature of the SOAR solution is an add-on feature that helps to eliminate the manual steps and automate the process to complete a wide range of tasks, including user access and logs queries.


Orchestration and automation together build the foundation for the reaction of the SOAR solution. Using SOAR, organizations can manage everything with plan and coordination for any security threat. It also eliminates human error while making the correct response and reduces manual time.

Features Of SOAR Solution

With SOAR solutions, organizations can efficiently observe, understand, decide upon and act on security incidents from a single interface.

1. Centralization & Orchestration of cybersecurity Alarm

It is the machine-based coordination of a series of interdependent security actions across a complex infrastructure. The coordination ensures that all your security tools and non-security tools work while automating tasks across products and workflows.

The Centralization and Orchestration coordinate incident investigation, response, and resolution while eliminating the need for security analysts to navigate multiple screens and systems, making everything in one place.

The tool increases the integration of the organization’s defenses, allowing the security team to automate complex processes and maximize its value from the security staff, processes, and tools.

2. Alarm Analysis With Risk Analysis

As digital attacks continue to expand due to evolving threats and new digital innovations, organizations are searching for security capabilities to address each new challenge. The risk is accurate and often acute for organizations. Alarm analysis with risk analysis is a part of the SOAR solution that enables organizations to arm their SecOps teams with an easily customizable framework. The orchestrates or automates recurring functions across the organization’s security tools eliminates risk fatigue instead of adding to it. The resulting efficiency enables organizations to optimize their security processes and automate tedious and repetitive workflows that don’t require human action. SOAR Security enriches and contextualizes threat data to help analysts quickly triage cases according to the severity of the risk, data sensitivity, and the criticality of the business functions

3. Automation of Response

SOAR automation is a machine-based execution of security actions with the power to detect, investigate and remediate cyberthreats programmatically. The execution doesn’t need human intervention while automating all the manual IT works. It automatically:

  • Detect threats in the IT environment.
  • Treatment of potential threats by following the steps, instructions, and decisions. It investigates the event and determines whether the threat is a legitimate incident.
  • Determine whether to take action on the threat incident.
  • Resolve the issue.

The above steps happen in seconds, without any involvement from any human. SOAR solution takes out the repetitive, time-consuming actions of the hands of security analysts to focus on more essential, value-adding work.

4. Resilience

SOAR Based Software enables organizations to respond to security incidents with confidence. Formally resilient, it is designed to help the security team respond to cyberthreats with confidence, automate with intelligence, and collaborate with consistency. It codifies incident response processes into dynamic playbooks to guide the IT team to resolve incidents. The tool helps accelerate and orchestrate the response by automating actions with intelligence and integrating with other security tools. SOAR solution is dynamic and additive, providing the team with guidance to resolve incidents with agility and intelligence to adapt to incident conditions. It enables the security team such that:

  • It gathers and analyzes security data, correlates them to identify priority and criticality, and automatically generates investigation incidents. It removes the need for a human to notice the relevant security data, identify it, and manually set up the incident in the system.
  • It provides an investigation timeline to collect and store artifacts of the security incident for current and future analysis.
  • The tool can help record the security team’s actions and decisions, making them visible internally and externally.
  • The tool attaches the relevant threat information to specific incidents and makes it easily accessible to analysts to investigate an incident.

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