TrickBot Submerges Over As Top Business & Banking Threat: LTS Secure Warning And Prevention

Pune – 8/5/2019

Almost all the Individuals are aware of how dangerous a threat Emotet can be to Business and banking world, but now there are new elements highly sophisticated banking Trojan which is attempting to dethrone the sectors dubbed as TrickBot.

Developed in 2016, TrickBot is one of the more recent banking Trojans on the market, with many of its original features inspired by Dyreza, another banking Trojan that acts as a data stealer. Besides targeting a wide array of international banks via webinjects , Trickbot can also harvest emails and credentials using the Mimikatz hack tool. Additional parlor tricks include the capability of stealing from Bitcoin wallets.

The endpoint user will not notice any symptoms of a TrickBot infection. However, a network admin is likely to see the changes in traffic or attempts to reach out to blacklisted IPs and domains, as the malware will communicate with TrickBot’s command and control infrastructure to exfiltrate data and receive tasks.

TrickBot comes in modules accompanied by a configuration file. Each module has a specific task, such as gaining persistence, propagation, stealing credentials, encryption, and so on. The C&Cs are set up on hacked wireless routers.

These malicious ingredients have to be taken care of as- prevention is better than cure. LTS Secure Integrated SOC Solution monitors your PC for such threats to deliver continuous results of detected advanced attacks on the app, devices and by the user and deliver context-aware security protection platform to protect from motivated attacks. It also integrates security silos to give you cost-effective security and enable SOC as service with intelligence, social awareness, and predictive security for all the IT layers.

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