Value Added Reseller Provider Program

By partnering with LTS Secure, Value Added Reseller can create new opportunities to grow your business and increase profitability in global marketplace. To ensure partnership alignment, LTS Secure is committed to developing a joint go-to-market model that includes sales, training and marketing activities with its VAR Partners.

Ideal VAR’s include:

  • Extensive experience within a particular market focus.
  • Experience selling related products and security services.
  • An install base of customers.
VAR Benefits VAR Requirements Training
?Pre-sales engineering and ongoing technical support ?Enrollment into the LTS Secure VAR Program. Become a trusted reseller to customers by completing VAR sales training on required product and security services.
?Access to the latest co-branded marketing assets and content ?Extensive experience within a particular market focus.
?Product training, partner community access, and more ?In-house sales and technical staff.
?Co-Branded Events ?Experience selling related products and security services.
?Lead generation and sharing ?An install base of customers.
?Add and manage new devices or assets ?Have minimum 1 dedicated sales resource
?LTS Secure offers highly attractive reseller margins and agent discounts. ?Purchase license from LTS Secure

  • Pricing: LTS Secure through this program supports flexible business models designed to support partner cash flow.
  • Volume Banding

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