What Is SOAR and the Many Benefits That It Brings

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What Is SOAR and the Many Benefits That It Brings You Must Know

With the increasing number of cyber threats being faced by organizations, it has become crucial for them to effectively detect & respond to such activities before it can lead to any sort of breach. This task is further made more challenging, due to the volume of alerts being generated by various security solutions such as SIEM, UEBA, EDR, EPP, etc. Each of these generated alerts are then required to be manually reviewed, analyzed and if deemed necessary, taken action upon, causing the productivity & efficiency of an organization’s SOC to go down.

Enter SOAR

SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) is a security solution, enablesorganizations to collect security & threat related data from a wide variety of sources and allows them to automate response to low-level security incidents.

Orchestration – Improves efficiency when executing remediation.

Automation – Reduces time to take action (makes orchestration process more efficient). Response – Plans, manages, coordinates and monitors response to a security incident.

LTS Secure SOAR and its Benefits

 Integrating our SOAR solution into your existing security stack, enables you to define, prioritize & standardize functions that respond to security incidents, thus allowing you to identify security related issues, define the solution and help automate the response, causing your overall efficiency to rise while making security more self-operating. This integration also ensures that incidents & vulnerabilities are responded to quickly, allowing security teams to better prioritize their time.

  • Faster Response Time: ML Engine of SOAR enables it to identify false positives & (appropriately respond) to low-risk security alerts without the need for any human
  • Reduce damage from attacks – Minimize the number of steps that actually require any sort of human intervention and help SOC teams investigate & respond quickly so they can begin the mitigation process
  • Comprehensive Integration: Supporting multiple integrations and APIs, SOAR allows multiple security products to communicate and work synchronously, increasing flexibility of organizational infrastructure using languages like Python, APIs and
  • Operational costs being reduced – With SOAR taking automated actions against tedious & time-consuming tasks, like responding to low-level alerts and dealing with false positives, operational costs are significantly

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