CASB For Office 365

Enhance your security stance and control
your cloud environment

Add CASB Security to Enhance Cloud Security and
safely enable Office365

LTS Secure CASB Solution help enterprises in protecting their sensitive data and confidential information in real-time, across all O365 applications, to ensure complete O365 security. It enhances the account security by understanding and controlling the cloud risk activities over the O365 services suite, confidential data protection, and blocking cloud threats.

For most enterprises, data security is a prime concern and is the need of the hour. LTS Secure CASB for Office 365 provides a robust security solution, helping security teams to understand and control risky activities across the Office 365 suite of apps and enable protection of sensitive data and blocking cloud threats. It gives users productivity with the tools they need while maintaining visibility and controls to protect sensitive data, prevents loss, and ensure compliance.

LTS Secure CASB for O365

Gain deeper visibility into their Office 365 networks, data usage, protection against data threats, and enforcement of compliance as well as security policies.

Key Modules

Take a data-centric approach to secure their digital transformation journey which empowers your
security team to have the right balance of protection and speed they need to secure.


Online Sharepoint

One Drive



Key Benefits

LTS Secure CASB provides real-time protection across all Office 365 apps.
It enables you to enforce data security policies on Office 365 in real time, from any device providing
cross-app visibility, empowering you to discover suspicious and abnormal behavior.

Advance threat detection

Data leakage detection

Risk Analysis

Suspicious Activity Monitoring

Compliance Controls Monitoring

Attacks Notification like Phishing

MFA Authentication

Identify and combat cyber threats across all your cloud services with LTS Secure CASB and have multifunction visibility, control over data, refined analytics, and ensure compliance.

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