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ISACA –Delhi chapter

LTS Secure director Satyen Jain spoke on 2020 Cyber Security Framework: Orchestration and Prioritization. Delhi – LTS Secure, the provider of the adaptive SOC platform for cyber security. During the ISACA Delhi chapter June event, the director of LTS Secure Satyen Jain prompted the protection and resilience required in IT infrastructure. He talked about the need for Orchestration and Prioritization in 2020, security stack. How… Read More

Enterprise Security effectiveness hampered by volume of Alert Fatigue!

Modernization of the IT infrastructure for the optimization of the business comes with a security concern. In any organization, the various IT infrastructure security solutions and preventive measures are used to protect it from the enormous cyber-attacks. There are various preventive measures and tools are available like antivirus, firewall, DLP (Data Loss Prevention), used to detect the threats, malware and vulnerabilities. Till the time, the… Read More

LTS Secure Exhibited integrated security solution 3.1

LTS secure is the intelligence driven security operation center platform and one of the organizers of the Tie Global Summit || 2018. Once in the year, the event is organized for the entrepreneurs across the globe.  LTS secure exhibited the their Security Solution based on SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) stack which is designed to detect, prevent frauds, and data leaks from the internal… Read More

LTS Secure launch version 3.1 to enhance cyber security offering to protect the cloud infrastructure and application

Chicago, USA – LTS Secure launches Security Solution version 3.1 the integrated cyber security product. The product is launched to extend the integrated SOAR stack with LTS Secure Security Solution 3.1 for cloud infrastructure, Amazon and cloud application, Office 365. Now a day, every IT infrastructure has started utilizing the cloud services. The major concern for any organization is the threat of the data leakage… Read More