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Comprehensive cyber security solutions via LTS Secure V SOC BOX

  With numerous benefits along with advanced features, LTS Secure V-SOC BOX is a highly feasible suite of cyber security solutions specially designed for all round network security protection and defending sensitive company assets. Advance Threat Detection for all data, users and applications, Integrated security that includes modular network, user and application visibility from single solution, Orchestration and Automation reducing false positives with orchestration rules… Read More

LTS Secure V SOC BOX with advanced features is a one-step cyber security solution

Now with improved advanced features like Real Time threat Intelligence, User Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA), SOC Automation and Orchestration, Enhanced Correlation Engine, IT risk and compliance reporting and Cloud based environment security; LTS Secure V-SOC BOX provides comprehensive cyber-security solutions. With years of experience catering security services to various businesses from various domains spanned across the globe, apart from an entire suite of services, LTS… Read More

Analyse remote threats and vulnerabilities and strengthen business network security with UEBA solutions

  UEBA to protect remote employees for analysis remote threats and vulnerabilities which can impact organization data and IP The on-going pandemic situation has created numerous security challenges for business to safeguard network and assets with cyber-attacks constantly increasing in volume and sophistication. With this situation, arises the need to strengthen the existing security measures with advanced tools, strategies and processes to build a highly… Read More

MDR implementation a critical role to play in securing business infrastructure

  With cyber-attacks getting more sophisticated, targeted and polished and simultaneously increasing in volume; businesses are struggling to elevate cyber-security measures to cope up with threats and malicious attacks. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is one of the cyber-security aspects that have proven highly important in this vulnerable pandemic situation. Raising cyber-security maturity levels, MDR helps with fail proof detection of breaches in the infrastructure… Read More

Advanced SIEM tools and strategies strengthen business network security during this vulnerable Covid19 situation

  Compelling employees to work from home, this critical pandemic situation has left business networks vulnerable to more cyber-attacks than ever. With lack of control over employee network and security practices, businesses need to overcome multitude of challenges faced by phishing emails, manipulative VPNs, files and data sharing, WiFi security and more. With cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated and complex, the need to implement SIEM in… Read More

Heightened cyber-security with LTS Secure IAM solutions over multiple devices and complex structures

This foundational security component – Identity and Access Management is becoming even more important during this Covid-19 pandemic situation. While employees are now working from home, governing access to company data remotely is critical to all businesses. With businesses accessed through multiple non-secure networks, sensitive data and company assets are more vulnerable than ever. Successfully implementing strategies and tools like Single Sign On, Multi-factor Authentication… Read More

Implement stronger and highly advanced network security solutions with CASB

  During this critical situation of the pandemic, businesses need to be more vigilant and prepared with rampantly increasing cyber-attacks and threats to infrastructure and critical assets. With Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) increase visibility, compliance, data security and threat protection, controlling access points for cloud infrastructure, policy enforcement in real time and identifying risks and abnormal behaviour. LTS Secure CASB suite provides multiple functions… Read More

Strengthening partners and customers’ businesses!

Know Strengthening partners and customers businesses Strengthening Partners and Customers’ Businesses! With most employees working from home during this pandemic, business networks are being accessed through multiple non-secure employee networks, increasing vulnerabilities. With high prevalence of malicious attacks and threats, cyber security is currently of utmost importance to every business. Thank you Mr. Kaushik for your valuable feedback “With attacks and threats rising, LTS Secure… Read More

LTS Secure V SOC BOX Threat Intelligence feature accurately identifies and prevents breaches

  A centralised repository for all threat indicators pulled from various providers, Threat intelligence hub provides SOC with critical IOC’s for better threat detection & response like C&C IP Addresses, URL, URI, domains, hostnames, malware hashes (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, etc.), CVE Number and Email Addresses. Among obvious benefits, LTS Secure V-SOC BOX allows the security team to be more up-to-date with current threat landscape, methods… Read More

Ensure efficient control on specific actions with LTS Secure V SOC BOX version 5.0 Alarm Orchestration

  While automating certain time consuming actions performed on alarms, Alarm Orchestration allows users to focus on tasks that need their attention and let LTS Secure V-SOC BOX handle repetitive actions on alarms, saving valuable time for security analysis. Based on different conditions, Alarm Orchestration performs appropriate actions on alarmsand drastically reduces the number of false positives allowing SIEM to take actions automatically without any… Read More