Know SOC With SOAR

Thursday, 21st April, 2022

04:00 PM – 04:30 PM (IST)


Magnifying SOC With SOAR


The key task of any SOC team is to effectively detect, respond and remediate security incidents before they lead to any sort of breach. However, due to challenges like alert fatigue, repetitive tasks, and lack of automation, this task gets often delayed. Implementing a solution like SOAR can drastically reduce the incident response time from minutes & hours to just a matter of seconds, thus improving security operations efficiencies and freeing up valuable time for analysts, which can be used by them to identify and investigate more complex threats.
Join this webinar to learn about the key benefits that SOAR brings and how it helps to enhance security operations.

Key highlights of the Webinar: -

• What SOAR is
• How Utilizing SOAR technology can help
• Solving common security operation challenges using SOAR

Speaker Details – Bhushan Bari – Security Analyst

Bhushan is a Security Analyst who has done several research projects & has been involved with a lot of Enterprise-grade cyber security projects implementation & completion. Bhushan is responsible for designing custom solutions for various use cases based on client requirements from different industries helping them gain better visibility.

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