LTS Secure has launched SOC-Infra-as-a-Service for Partners

Date – 30th, January, 2023 .

Location – Chicago

From business operations to data storage, the business world is rooted in the Internet. Hackers are evolving rapidly and following advanced trends to increase their productivity. As attackers evolve, organizations must rethink the cybersecurity tactics and strategies they employ. Cyberattacks are on the rise, and they say a lot. To stay ahead of these threats, organizations need to invest in their SOC services. LTS Secure is providing best-in-class SOC-Infra-as-a-Service to their valuable partners. They can seamlessly rent the SOC-Infra-as-a-Service to analyze and monitor threats 24/7.

Detect, and effectively respond to cyber-attacks in your environment with 24/7 monitoring services delivered by our experts and industry-leading technology. LTS Secure SOC-Infra-as-a-Service provides 24×7 Monitoring services and offers a threat intelligence-based approach that provides visibility and actionable, proactive guidance to achieve a high level of security for your organization.

Highlights of SOC-Infra-as-a-Service for Partners:

  • 24×7 global eye-on-screen SOC services
  • A skilled analyst dedicated to detecting and responding to alerts within the
  • Smoothen the interface with incident response and reverse engineering malware
  • Web dashboards for status, incidents, and high-level monitoring
  • Threat intelligence services come from both internal commercial and open-source feeds (contextualized) 

LTS Secure’s SOC-Infra-as-a-Service provides 24×7 monitoring services that deliver centralized, high-performance service at a predictable cost, and provide an easy way to manage risk to your critical assets. A personalized extension of your existing cybersecurity team provides a unique business advantage by leveraging the global fits of globally managed services. This service effectively and efficiently identifies and manages cyber threats to minimize the likelihood and potential impact of incidents that can impact your organization.

The Next-Gen SOC service provides a wide range of benefits that can be customized to be an ideal fit for your business. Many businesses are shifting from the fundamental approach to a next-level system because the new generation SOC offers flexible, speedy, and on-demand access to high-quality cyber protection.

So, grab the opportunity to rent the SOC-Infra-as-a-Service from LTS Secure now to protect your organization from any kind of cyberattacks.

About LTS Secure:

LTS Secure is a unified cybersecurity platform (SIEM + UEBA + CASB + IDM) that provides a single security orchestration and automation-based security platform to protect IT networks, applications, and users from threats, and vulnerabilities, and manage risk. LTS Secure is the premier security orchestration and automation company, helping organizations create truly integrated and orchestrated cyber environments. In case of any queries, Kindly contact