LTS Secure Integrated SOC Plaform for GDPR

In order to comply with GDPR, enterprises will need to implement a number of security and privacy measures and controls, which needs to be integrated Security Framework. LTS Secure SOC platform is leading Integrated Security Platform, which helps you to meet most of the GDPR security and privacy requirements from Single Solution.

1. Managing User Consent 

The new GDPR regulations require you to get the user’s consent to capture, store and process any data that might be identifiable. They also allow the user to change their consent status in a fine-grained manner at any time and with ease. User ID elements include their name, email address, and phone numbers.

Three way LTS Secure Supports dealing with User Consent Data


LTS Secure IDAM helps to create user initiative/self service to allow you to capture, store and process their PII data. It supports sophisticated consent management via User ID or My Account dashboards.


LTS Secure enables organization to mine demographics, activity, behaviour and purchases across your systems; removing the user’s PII data,  but tagging the data with a pseudonymization ID so it can be channelled into an analytics system.

ID Management 

LTS Secure IDAM Module has effective ID management across all customer touch points: including web, mobile and physical point of sale/loyalty card interactions.

2. Data Governance and Audit

LTS SECURE Integrated Security SOC Platform delivers comprehensive solutions that provide continuous visibility and context, enabling decisive actions to reduce your cyber exposure gap and better protect your  organization.  With LTS Secure Security Platform Continuous Monitoring,  we can help your security team prepare for GDPR compliance and Audit by addressing these essential steps:

Use an information security framework

LTS SECURE SOC Platform helps you effectively implement and automate technical control monitoring for leading security framework. Organizations, including those adopting multiple frameworks, rely on LTS Secure SOC out-of-box reports, dashboards and Assurance Report Cards to efficiently automate, demonstrate and communicate conformance.

Report conformance

LTS Secure SOC Platform allows organizations to bring multiple data types together into a single reporting interface, so that you can rapidly share the right data with the right personnel in the right context.

Risk and Threats Identification

Identify personal data,  including “special” data.  LTS Secure SOC SIEM Module can actively scan systems and passively listen to network traffic to identify unencrypted personal and special data in your enterprise and as it enters and/or leaves your enterprise.  You can then determine how to remove the data or apply appropriate controls to secure it.

Include unknown assets and shadow IT in your search scope. Security Center delivers total visibility of known and unknown assets on your  network that may be processing personal data.

Using SIEM Network Monitor (passive traffic analysis) and LTS Secure SOC SIEM event monitoring module you can detect devices, services and applications in use and identify associated vulnerabilities, further ensuring you have full visibility of where possible GDPR risks may be.


LTS Secure is an Integrated Security Platform (SIEM + UEBA + CASB + IDM) that enables continuous monitoring & detection of Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risk of IT Network, Applications and by Users in a single pane based on Security Orchestration, Automation and Response.

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