Tackling SOC Challenges With SOAR

Thursday, 14th April, 2022

04:00 PM – 04:30 PM (IST)


Tackling SOC Challenges With SOAR


SOCs nowadays are being overwhelmed due to challenges and issues such as the plethora of security alerts, repetitive tasks, and lack of skilled resources. This has caused their time to detect, investigate and respond to increase significantly, thus leading to an overall drop in operational efficiency. Join this webinar to learn the core capabilities & functionalities of SOAR and how it can help SOC teams address the above challenge.

Key highlights of the Webinar: -

• What SOAR is?
• Core capabilities of SOAR
• Key benefits of using SOAR in a SOC
• Sample SOAR use cases

Speaker Details – Girish Khamkar – Security Analyst

Girish is a Security Analyst who has done several research projects & has been involved with a lot of Enterprise-grade cyber security projects implementation & completion. Girish is responsible for designing custom solutions for various use cases based on client requirements from different industries helping them gain better visibility.

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