May 27,2019 12:34:26
Cardinal RAT has surfaced again, after being in the shadows for nearly two years & this time it is targeting companies in the Fintech & Cryptocurrency Trading sector.   Technical...[ read more ]

May 24,2019 11:20:57
A recently discovered vulnerability that has been found in the logic that takes care of access control of a few  hardware components in Cisco’s proprietary Secure Boot implementation, which if...[ read more ]

May 23,2019 12:24:35
Shade Ransomware, which is also known as Troldesh, was first detected in the year 2014, belongs to a ransomware family targeting devices running the Microsoft Windows OS. This Ransomware is...[ read more ]

May 22,2019 12:23:12
We have seen many iteration of the Dofoil a.k.a. Smoke Loader surfaced online, creating nuisance for the victim. The malware has made a huge presence in like Russia, Turkey, and...[ read more ]

May 21,2019 12:42:57
Gh0st is one of the most popular RAT (Remote Access Trojan) ever to  be created & is being used by attackers to control the infected devices, which is associated to...[ read more ]

May 17,2019 12:05:05
Virus have been created for various purposes like, steal data, harvest credentials, to show multiple advertisements on the victim browser and some are specially made for banking Trojan. Olpair is...[ read more ]

May 16,2019 12:39:59
We have seen previously that AZORult trojan was spreading widely and now it is back again, posing as a signed Google Update installer which is written in C++. AZORult is...[ read more ]

May 15,2019 12:56:27
The previously discovered PLEAD backdoor, which made us of D-Link Digital Signature is back to market and now making a connection to legitimate software’s developed by the ASUS Cloud Corporation....[ read more ]

May 14,2019 11:09:56
MegaCortex is the latest addition to the ransomware family & has been identified targeting large corporate networks in US, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Etc. The malware makes use of the rundll32.exe (Used to...[ read more ]

May 13,2019 12:49:38
Mac.BackDoor.Siggen.20, is a recently discovered malware which belongs to the trojan family, which is designed by hackers to infects devices & take full control over them by changing the security...[ read more ]

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