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Aug 10,2022 12:46:25
The Way to Carry out a Cyber Security Evaluation in 5 Steps Cyber Risk Assessements help organizations understand, control, and mitigate all forms of cyber risk. This is a critical...[ read more ]

Oct 09,2020 09:04:22
  Security researchers have discovered a new iteration of PoetRAT, in which improvement s have been made to obfuscation, operation security and more. This time the malware is being used...[ read more ]

Sep 11,2020 12:39:46
The Evilnum group, which specializes in targeting Fintech firms, have developed new Python-Based RAT, dubbed as PyVil.   Technical Details Threat actors have utilized spear-phishing as their attack vector for...[ read more ]

Aug 21,2020 12:51:11
A new strain of malware has been identified to be used in recent attacks against multiple military and aerospace sectors.   Technical Details The attack chain is quite similar to...[ read more ]

Jul 31,2020 12:39:46
Targeted ransomware attacks against enterprises have been on the rise in the recent years due to the financial gains they can bring. Recently, security researchers have identified such targeted ransomware...[ read more ]

Jul 07,2020 13:19:32
Security researchers recently have identified a new strain of malware dubbed “STRRAT”, being shipped with .CRIMSON ransomware module.   Technical Details The malware infection begins with a spam email being...[ read more ]

Jun 30,2020 13:01:09
Security researchers have identified a new ransomware campaign, dubbed Hakbit, in which mid-level employees are being targeted, across Austria, Germany & Switzerland. Malicious Microsoft excel files are being delivered to...[ read more ]

Jun 18,2020 12:57:19
Qbot malware, an every evolving banking trojan, that has been around since 2008, has again resurfaced, targeting customers of U.S. financial institutions. The new variant includes capabilities helping it remain...[ read more ]

Jun 05,2020 12:32:07
Valak Malware, a loader used to load other malware on compromised machine, has seen a surge of development, transforming the malware to perform reconnaissance, steal credentials & other sensitive information....[ read more ]

May 22,2020 13:15:50
Researchers have recently identified, Netwalker Ransomware being used in attacks. The unique thing about the attack is the fact that the malware is not complied, rather it is written in...[ read more ]

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