Why SOC Uses as Service Know More

  • A security operation center(SOC) is the most essential element of modern security
  • SOC is are expensive, complicated, and complex to integrate with existing security solutions
  • Easy route is to invest in products, but does not guarantee security
  • Continuous efforts to Prioritize security incidents with actionable intelligence

LTS Secure


differs, it’s a combination of

  • Continuous efforts to Prioritize security
  • incidents with actionable intelligence
  • Predictive capabilities of the products
  • Streamlined operations for automated response after detection
  • Comprehensive, up to the minute threat intelligence to protect you from known and emerging threats.
  • Cloud Monitoring – 360 Visibility of Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Applications

LTS Secure SOC-as-a-Service Top 5 Objectives

Visibility : To deliver continuous visibility to detect advanced attacks on app, devices and by user.

Security : To deliver Context-aware Security protection platform to protect from motivated attacks

Compliance : To share compliance visibility for on-premise and Cloud Infrastructure from single solution.

Integrated Security : To remediate Security silos to give cost effective and effective security

Intelligence Driven SOC (SOAR) : To enable SOC as Service with intelligence, social awareness and predictive security for all IT layers

LTS Secure SOC with no Install, Setup, Maintenance, Infra Costs

  • Cyber SOC in Minutes
  • Security Analysts available
  • Dedicated SPOC for client
  • Actionable remediation recommendations
  • Managed Detection and Response
  • Predictive model with adaptive tuning for efficiency and scale
  • Remote forensic analysis
  • Security Incident and Crisis Support
  • Prioritization of remediation and required steps
  • Comprehensive Log Collection and Retention
  • Inbuilt Compliance reports like ISO270001/PCIDSS/Business Continuity & more
  • Monitoring user behaviour and managing security incidents
  • Reducing time and costs of audit preparation
  • Value from Day 1
  • Assessment of the severity of an incident or crisis