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RYUK Ransomware “Still Strong But Not For Long” – LTS Secure Warning And Prevention

Pune – April 30, 2019 Ransomware is not only about weaponizing encryption, its more about bridging the fractures in the mind with a weaponized message that demands a response from the victim. Unlike the revolution of most of the ransomware which is circulated and distributed via massive mail-spam campaigns and exploits kits, RYUK ransomware is widely used for tailored attacks. Ransomware is more about manipulating… Read More

Ever-Changing Emotet Evolves Again With Fresh Evasion Tactic : LTS Secure Warns About This Threat

Pune – April 29, 2019 While the idea that manifests the rise of threat is somewhat extreme, there is no disagreement that it is happening across the world. Such is one of the Threats which was first identified in 2014 and is continuing to infect multiple systems and cause harm to the users to date. Emotet has eluded cybersecurity for users which is a concern… Read More

Industrial Control System (ICS) In Eyes In The Middle East: LTS Secure Warns About Triton Malware

Pune – April 26, 2019 Digital freedom conspired of threats stops where that of manual users begins. Nowadays, digital evolution must no longer be a customer trade-off between privacy and security as no individual is aware when there can be a threat to security in cyber. Privacy is not to sell, it’s a valuable asset to protect. The threat that can’t be hidden in dark… Read More

Access Governance: The Future Of Identity Management leaping Towards Security Governance

When any organization migrates the data to the cloud, they face multiple disputes in managing and maintaining governance policies for access. It’s a challenge that every organization faces and to tackle the same LTS Secure has launched Access Governance Framework, which was released on March 1, 2019. Access Governance is a mix of process and technology built to manage and secure access for enterprise resources…. Read More

LTS Secure: Expanding Territory Through Outreaching Solutions

Pune, April 3rd and 4th, 2019 – LTS Secure News Optimistic and collaborated training with LTS Secure goes hands in hand to set the milestone of two days level L3 training with Paramount UAE. With expanding knowledge, decreases the risk of vulnerability and expanding territory to outreach cybersecurity solutions was one of the milestones embarked by LTS Secure who organized a two days Level L3… Read More

Access Governance | Augment Your Security Features with LTS Secure Integrated Solutions

India, March 1, 2019 – LTS Secure pleased to announce, LTS Secure have integrated new security solution that will allow you to discover, evaluate and classify sensitive data and manage access rights. In addition, it will improve the identity access process and policy compliance framework. Access Governance – A combined model of process and technology to manage and secure access for enterprise industries. Enable your… Read More

LTS Secure Co-Hosted CIO/CSIO Event With FutureCalls To Discuss – How Integrated Cyber Security Framework Helps To Address Their Challenges

LTS Secure along with Future Calls used the platform to discuss Cyber Security challenges faced by client and disseminated partnership details about LTS Secure and Future Calls with regional clients. India, Chennai – 15 Dec 2018 – LTS Secure co-hosted CIO/CISO event with FutureCalls at Hotel Courtyard Mariott, Anna Salai, Chennai.  The objective of organizing this platform to understand cyber security challenges faced by clients… Read More

LTS Secure Is An Exhibitor At Tie Global Summit III

LTS secure exhibited the security solution at Tie Global Summit III.  Highlighted security requisites and why every startup required integral security measures. India, Delhi – 29 Nov 2018 – LTS secure director Satyen Jain set up a booth to demonstrated LTS security solutions, an integrated cyber security product at Tie Global Summit III.  The third annual Tie Global Summit III take place at elegant Taj… Read More

LTS Secure Listed Among Top 10 Pitched Products At Nasscom Product Conclave 2016

Pune, INDIA – Mar 17, 2016: As promised, LTS Secure did display its power and efficiency at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016. Not only LTS Secure proved itself as a useful product at the conclave, it also got listed among best products useful for every investor. Team LTS Secure is proud to announce that at the conclave, LTS Secure was listed among “Top 10 Products to… Read More

LTS Secure strengthening Cyber Security with SOAR – an Advanced Technology Stack for your organization

Mumbai, August 18, 2017: Cyber-attack is the most malicious strike for any company. Internet of Things has added to the complexity and every sector is under threat from the culture of computers. SOAR is Security Operations Analytics and Reporting platform, which offers organizations effective solutions for critical and vulnerable threats. Any unusual activity or data breach is a potential threat for a company. To overcome… Read More