Malware Post

Apr 03,2020 08:51:32
Security researchers have identified a new attack campaign, which makes use of the VelvetSweatShop encryption technique in Excel to spread LimeRAT Malware. Threat actors behind the campaign turned to VelevtSweatShop...[ read more ]

Mar 27,2020 10:35:49
Security researchers have discovered a new strain of ransomware called “PwndLocker” targeting enterprise networks. The ransomware, has been active since late 2019, infecting a variety of US cities & organizations...[ read more ]

Mar 18,2020 04:44:12
A new strain of ransomware, dubbed “PXJ”, has been identified by researchers. PXJ, performs functions that are common to most ransomware that are out there, but its underlying code does...[ read more ]

Feb 28,2020 12:38:41
Loda, which dates back to 2017, is an elementary yet very effective RAT, which has matured over time. It is a perfect example of how effective, simple techniques can be,...[ read more ]

Jan 31,2020 12:22:30
Researchers have identified a new campaign targeting enterprise user with fake business emails to deliver NetWire RAT. First discovered in 2012, the malware has been constantly upgraded by its developers...[ read more ]

Jan 17,2020 10:28:46
A new ransomware called ACKO has been spotted in the wild, being delivered to its victim as an attachment in spam mails. During the initial analysis of the ransomware, researchers...[ read more ]

Dec 06,2019 09:11:56
A hacking campaign, utilizing custom built, python based trojan “PyXie“, has been identified targeting healthcare & education organization. The trojan gives the attacker almost full control of the windows machine,...[ read more ]

Nov 29,2019 09:10:30
A new information stealing malware, dubbed Raccoon, has gained a lot of popularity among cybercriminals in a short span. Written in C++ & developed to compromise both 32 & 64-bit...[ read more ]

Nov 22,2019 09:04:25
Phoenix, a keylogger, which has now evolved into an infostealer, is being sold as malware-as-a-service by its authors and has started gaining traction among cyber-criminals. The malware is being utilized...[ read more ]

Oct 31,2019 06:43:18
Researchers have discovered a new malspam campaign, delivering payloads such as spyware (Negasteal or Agent Tesla) and RAT (Warzone or Ave Maria). Threat actors behind the campaign are making use...[ read more ]

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