Malware Post

Aug 13,2019 08:14:53
A new updated version of the Karagany malware has being identified by security researcher, targeting energy companies in leading nations. Karagany is developed as a modular RAT and is mostly...[ read more ]

Aug 09,2019 11:42:07
A new piece of malware dubbed as LookBack, is being utilized by its creators to cripple utilities sectors in the US. The emails used in the phishing campaign were sent...[ read more ]

Aug 08,2019 08:31:25
A new version of the Astaroth malware has surfaced again & is making use of native microsoft tools to evade common security solutions. Attackers are making use of Mal-Spam campaigns...[ read more ]

Aug 06,2019 07:53:48
While most of the ransomware being developed by attackers function by encrypting victim’s data & demanding them to pay a certain amount of ransom, mostly in bitcoin. GermanWiper takes a...[ read more ]

Jun 10,2019 12:20:31
Researchers have identified a new version of the notorious H-worm RAT, which is now making use of obfuscation techniques to avoid being detected by antivirus software.   Technical Details The...[ read more ]

Jun 03,2019 10:41:04
Researcher have identified a new Cryptojacking malware dubbed Beapy, which makes use of Leaked NSA exploits (DoublePulsar & EternalBlue) to infect & spread across enterprise network in Asia.   Technical...[ read more ]

May 30,2019 12:34:56
The malware is developed with the intent to harvest confidential information as well as account credentials & has always posed a serious threat to individuals & organization around the world....[ read more ]

May 29,2019 12:40:41
GetCrypt Ransomware was first detected in May of 2019 & functions as every other ransomware. The only difference is that it appends the encrypted files with two extensions:- .vip A...[ read more ]

May 28,2019 12:47:36
The Gootkit Trojan was created with the intent to steal confidential information from its victim and creates a backdoor & downloads additional malicious files on the victim device. Gootkit was...[ read more ]

May 27,2019 12:34:26
Cardinal RAT has surfaced again, after being in the shadows for nearly two years & this time it is targeting companies in the Fintech & Cryptocurrency Trading sector.   Technical...[ read more ]

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