What Features Are Needed To Be A Modern NG-SIEM

Because legacy SIEMs create a very high signal-to-noise ratio, they’ve become relegated to satisfying compliance requirements and not much else. Here are the features needed in a next-gen SIEM solution—combining the latest technology with a comprehensive knowledge of how threats emerge: Collect and manage data from all available sources Present-day threats typically span multiple data sources. To be effective, every data source must be available… Read More

LTS Secure Integrated SOC Plaform for GDPR

In order to comply with GDPR, enterprises will need to implement a number of security and privacy measures and controls, which needs to be integrated Security Framework. LTS Secure SOC platform is leading Integrated Security Platform, which helps you to meet most of the GDPR security and privacy requirements from Single Solution. 1. Managing User Consent  The new GDPR regulations require you to get the… Read More

Enterprise Security effectiveness hampered by volume of Alert Fatigue!

Modernization of the IT infrastructure for the optimization of the business comes with a security concern. In any organization, the various IT infrastructure security solutions and preventive measures are used to protect it from the enormous cyber-attacks. There are various preventive measures and tools are available like antivirus, firewall, DLP (Data Loss Prevention), used to detect the threats, malware and vulnerabilities. Till the time, the… Read More

LTS Secure Cloud Access Security Broker : A key to Cloud Security

Cloud Access Security Broker has proven itself to be indispensable for cloud security. These days, nearly every organization has fully integrated the cloud in its day-to-day operations. This has led to a large amount of data flowing to and from the cloud, which has made it prone to various security threats. It becomes difficult for the IT department to keep a track of all the… Read More

Privileged Identity Management protects user accounts via PIM Solutions

Sometimes, unscrupulous people steal the log in credentials of the employees of an organization in order to hack into the servers and steal the data. Compromised identities of employees are new threats for corporate organizations to counter. Advanced cyber attacks are automated, persistent, and in 99% cases successful. Security of IT infrastructure cannot be guaranteed solely on the basis of firewalls because they can only… Read More

Raise your CLOUD Security above the bar with Security Operations, analytics and reporting SOAR Stack

Cloud computing is the buzz word in all the technology driven businesses. Internet has made the world smaller and taken it to new heights, literally to the cloud. Today businesses are moving to the Cloud for different services such as servers, applications, storage, databases, networking and more over the internet. Top uses of cloud computing include creating new applications, data backup and recovery, video and… Read More