How Integrating SIEM with SOAR Enhances the Effectiveness of a SOC

Building a productive & fully functioning SOC is crucial for every organization due to the current threat landscape. Threat actors are becoming more sophisticated by each passing day, leaving almost no trace of familiar patterns in their attacks, forcing SOC teams to use their full potential. To do so, SOC teams need to bring efficiency into their processes, while also improving their incident response strategies,… Read More

What Is SOAR and the Many Benefits That It Brings

What Is SOAR and the Many Benefits That It Brings You Must Know With the increasing number of cyber threats being faced by organizations, it has become crucial for them to effectively detect & respond to such activities before it can lead to any sort of breach. This task is further made more challenging, due to the volume of alerts being generated by various security… Read More

Advanced threat monitoring with LTS Secure V-SOC BOX version 5.0- AWS and Office 365 plugins

  Newly added plugins of LTS Secure V-SOC BOX version 5.0 – AWS & Office 365 plugins, provide threat monitoring and Privileged Activity Monitoring for AWS and Office 365. While UEBA fetches data from these plugins and enhances alarm context, SIEM receives the enhanced version and monitors alarms for security analytics. Monitoring suspicious events and threats, this feature has numerous benefits allowing appropriate rule creation… Read More

Experience enhanced cyber security orchestration with alarm labelling in LTS Secure V-SOC-BOX v5.0

  Based on alarm fields like source and destination IP address, risk value, intent name etcetera, Alarm labelling provides numerous benefits like tagging labels, enhancing it to auto-labelling and involving less or zero manual efforts to reduce noise. In version 5.0 of LTS Secure V-SOC BOX, the Alarm labelling feature allows automatic label tags to duplicate alarms after the initial tag; which means you don’t… Read More

LTS Secure Enhances Network Security Through IAM For New Client Veritas Finance

  Strengthening micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) with financial services, Veritas Finance Pvt. Ltd. serves about 48 thousand customers through 202 established branches. Our new project entails serving our client from the Finance Industry with an important cyber security aspect; Identity Access Management (IAM).   To enhance security profiles and simplify audits and reporting, with Single Sign Off (SSO) on both Web and Mobile… Read More

Establishing Access Management for Finance Industry: LTS Secure VSOC Box

  Establishing controls around privileged access continues to be a focus of attention for organizations and auditors. With hacking and cyber-attacks at peak, companies need to be vigilant at every entry point that can possibly act as vulnerability in their business structure. Our client creates value for finance industry pyramid with enormous clientele and converting dreams into reality for numerous customers, while striving to serve… Read More

Cyber Risk Quantification: LTS Secure VSOC Box for Insurance Sector

  Our Client, an established and profitable chain of companies in insurance sector serving about 1.5Million customers and managing assets in millions of dollars. With their parent company, our client gives us an opportunity to serve the insurance domain yet again with an interesting project. After trying numerous disparate cyber-security solutions on-site, our client faced a lag due to many internal reasons. First, it was… Read More

Implementation of LTS Secure VSOC Box 4.0 based for India based Housing Finance Group of Companies in Finance Industry

Our client is a housing finance company registered with the Government of India owned entity and is being promoted by a private limited company having its flagship for more than four decades of legacy in assisting their customers to buy their dream home. Our client was facing certain issues in data retention and report automation for the purposes of governance and compliance. They needed a… Read More

Implementation of LTS Secure VSOC Box 4.0 for USA based Revenue Cycle Management Company in Healthcare Industry !

Our client is an analytics-driven, technology-enabled Revenue Cycle Management (“RCM”) Company in the Healthcare Sector providing medical billing, medical coding, and business analytics services to leading healthcare providers across the US.  Our Client deals with sensitive patient data and compliance standardize the protection of such critical health information. They were facing issues to implement the cyber-security measures to protect the digital health record and regulate… Read More

Avoiding The Hook – Phishing Attacks Into O365

Microsoft Office 365 which is a Collaboration platform has driven the organizations with productivity applications necessary to get work done in the modern enterprise. In fact, because of Office 365’s cloud-based structure, the suite of productivity applications is constantly being updated and improved and each day millions of files are being shared and stored. Collaboration and communication are the key components of productivity in the… Read More