What is SOAR Software Security (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response)

Know What is SOAR Software Security A SOAR solution, which stands for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response, is a collection of security software solutions and tools for browsing and collecting data from various sources. It uses human and machine learning tools to analyze confidential data to comprehend and prioritize incident response actions. It allows organizations to respond quickly during cyberattacks and improve the complete security… Read More

What is Next-Gen CASB Solution?

What is Next-Gen CASB ? A CASB solution is a robust security solution that ensures data security, application, and integrity. With the adoption of remote-based work culture, organizations need cloud-based applications and services more than ever. Increasing use of software and application remotely has become a concern for enterprises, and they need to protect their data and IT systems from cloud-based threats. The development of… Read More

Redefine SaaS Security with next-generation CASB product

Today company’s applications and data reside beyond the corporate-controlled premises, through third-party infrastructure, taking a traditional approach to security. However, that is not enough. Software as a service is a model in which a vendor remotely hosts and delivers software applications as a service to its customers. Over the past decade, this form of software delivery has become increasingly popular as it allows companies to… Read More

What is SIEM-as-a-Service? Key advantages of SIEM-as-a-service

Business organizations of all sizes use SIEM or Security Information and Event Management to detect and respond to potential IT security threats. SIEM as a service is a collection of SaaS tools, providing real-time incident monitoring and threat detection in your organization. Using real-time correlation and data log analysis tools, SIEM-as-a-Service can provide a centralized solution for automating your security log information and threat detection…. Read More

Simplifying AI – ML SIEM? What Constitute Next-Generation SIEM?

The marriage of AI (Artificial Intelligence ) and ML (Machine Learning) technologies with cybersecurity tools promises a glorious future. According to Gartner, in 2016, AI and ML, coined with predictive analytics, are becoming a core part of SIEM platforms. Legacy SIEM ( security information and event management) systems were first available in the nineties and adopted by the security operations centre. Although the first generations of… Read More

What is ZTNA & what does a ZTNA security network do?

It has been estimated by Global workplace analytics that almost 25-30% of the workforce will be working from home by the end of 2021. With the variety of different locations wherein remote workers operate and such vast connectivity outside the enterprise zone of control, how does the company protect the applications and users from advanced threats on the Internet? With the surge in cyberthreats, we… Read More


  LTS Secure Intelligence Driven SOC Provider is a Cloud based Security integrated Context-aware Security protection platform and that provides and integrates prediction, prevention, detection and response capabilities by leveraging adaptive security framework. LTS Secure comprehensive SOC as a service provides continuous monitoring for all layers of the IT stack: network packets, flows, OS activities, content, identities, user behaviors and application transactions for protection from… Read More

SIEM as a Service

Why SIEM-as a Service is an Integral Part in Cybersecurity Information theft is a big business and corporate information that features project deals and trade secrets. Hence, information management is a necessary component of any program. That is where Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) monitoring comes into play. What is SIEM? Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a technology for cyber security that… Read More

Deeper visibility into cloud and SaaS with CASB

Deeper visibility into cloud and SaaS with CASB Solution With the wide adoption of cloud computing, organizations are now required to deliver persistent security across multiple clouds, while ensuring the safety of everyone using their data. This requirement gave birth to CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), with the goal of enabling organizations to gain much better visibility into their cloud environment and SaaS usage. How… Read More

Validating Access rights within systems

Validating Access rights within systems from LTS Secure A key component of IT infrastructure that controls, manages and audits the security framework, IT control provides central visibility and compliance on various roles with the security architecture. Not only does it improve audit processes, it also automates and simplifies revalidating an account, allows approving roles, accounts and groups for specialized users within a single activity. Access Recertification… Read More